Tuesday, August 21, 2012

overwhelmed to the point of soccer rolls and a date with shawn white

overwhelmed is an understatement.

i feel like i'm back in high school during finals week.  i was the kid who would freak out and run around like a crazy person...talking about how stressed out i was instead of sitting down and actually studying.  once i'd buckle down and finally start studying...i was fine.  but i would get myself all in a tizzy just thinking about everything that i had to do for a good few days before i would actually start.

that's kinda how the start of this school year has been.

i'v spent a ton of time getting the school room organized, my pre-school cop-op plan in place, the math manipulatives put in cute, plastic bins, the supplies purchased, and the pinterest pins pinned.  however when it comes to actually teaching anything...

well...i'm having a bit of freak-out-flash-back.

all it will take is for me to buckle down and do it.  but at this point...it has been so much easier to make sure i had cute, labled containers for everything. and maybe a little too much time has been spent on the perfect teacher's bag.  ok...not that much time.  and i can't find anything!  except for a sweet vera bradley bag that costs more than our house.  any suggestions??


aiden lost her second front tooth.  she and the tooth fairy have become tight.  they are writing letters back and forth quicker than i can find a sharpened pencil.

i adore this picture of her.  i think it's because that's probably what i look like most of the time these days.  if i remember correctly, she was blaming chase for something.

we hit a birthday party at paint this; pour that the other day.  i was pretty impressed with that situation.  i want to go paint pumpkins.

because colton has some sort of sport every minute of our lives...i had to bring flicka with me to the art studio.  this is not the place for children under 5.  i've decided.  she was none-too-thrilled about not being able to paint cupcakes.

so...we improvised.

she did this all by herself.  it was impressive.  the art teacher stands up in front of the class and tells you exactly what to do and how to do it.  for art lovers...it's great.

annslee had my dad walk her back and forth on this make-shift "beam" more times than we could count.  it's time i get this girl in gymnastics.

she kept saying "gee...gee...gee" (which is "again" in annslee language.)

two out of the last three nights, i've had these wacky dreams that don't make any sense, what-so-ever.  if you happen to see my facebook feed...then this will not be new news for you.  two nights ago...i dreamed that i was playing soccer in the foyer of our house with two people that i don't remember.  only...we were not playing with a ball.  we were playing with rolls from spring creek BBQ.  it was me against the other two and if i won...i got to get a real olympic medal.  at one point, i stopped the game to give a lecture on the importance of sportsmanship.

then...the next night, i dreamed that i lost 6 of my teeth and was asked out by shawn white...the professional snow boarder.  i was back in college and living in a weird apartment/dorm thing.  when we were walking to his car...i told him that my teeth were in my pocket.  he was, like, "cool."  then...when we got to his car...he opened the door for me and i was all blown away with how cool his car was.  i asked him what kind it was and he smiled and said, "it's a honda odyssey."

i woke up thinking...why am i having these wacko dreams out of left field??  i mean...i'm all about snow boarding...but why am i dreaming about shawn white???  i had not even seen him anywhere or been talking about him or anything.  nor do i find him attractive.  i mean...if i'm gonna dream about an athlete...david beckham...michael phelps...maybe.  but shawn white??  what a waste of a fantasy date dream.

but then...the next day...i gasped when i was at target with the girls and looked up and saw this:

be still my beating heart.

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