Thursday, November 01, 2012


i put make up on my eldest daughter for the first time last night.  she has never been in a dance recital...nor worn a costume that required anything more than kitten whiskers.
let me just tell you...
i was not prepared for that.
chase took one look at his little sister and exclaimed,
"aiden!  you're look so beautiful!!  you look like one of those kid actors!!!"
and i must agree.  i couldn't take my eyes off of her all night.
halloween 2012 in pictures:

she was supposed to be a witch...but i told her she looked like a vampiress with those teeth!

sad clown...making her mark on the window world:

this is my very favorite shot of the night:

our block pizza party style:
we moved the patio furniture to the end of the driveway.  i don't know why we haven't done this before.  this was way better than opening the door every 2 seconds...letting the cat out...listening to trout go bonkers.  it's the way to go.

the neighbors joined in too:
i loved the community feel.  dare i say...
it felt like an old-timey halloween...
right out of a norman rockwell painting.

flicka is very resourceful.  when your mother forgets your trick-or-treat sack...use your hat.

this is his second costume change of the night.  he had insisted that he didn't want to participate in halloween this year.  he wanted to stay inside.  colton had decided the same...which was seriously temping me to lower my halloween freak flag.  but...just as i had hoped...he changed his mind at the last minute and grabbed his kermit puppet to go as jim henson.  then...he disappeared and came out as a boy scout.  the kid spends every day of his life dressing up and pretending to be someone else in the hopes of entertaining people.  it would only make since that he would enjoy this display of festive fun.  i'm glad he started seeing things my way.

and then...he finally landed on one of the wright brothers.
(he came up with this one on his own.  i was pretty impressed.)

unfortunately...colton never came around.  i was sad...but thought it was better to let him make his own decision.  he stayed inside all night.  i missed my boy.
but it was a great night.

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