Wednesday, November 14, 2012

looking up

annslee and i finally went back to the doctor two days ago.  she had a nasty ear infection and i had developed a wicked sinus infection.  so...$60 in office visit co-pays and $40 in prescriptions and 2 days later...we are finally starting to feel better.
there is nothing like being sick to make you grateful for health.  i'm over complaining about this never-ending virus...but seriously.
in other news...
in 1 hour and 26 minutes...i am ordering tickets for the united states women's national team soccer match against china that is going to be played in the dynamo's stadium in december.  i never, ever, ever thought that i would get to see them play.  but...lo and they come.  and here i go.
thank God i saved some birthday money for this thing...or i might just be takin' it to the streets.
even though i was feeling lousy this weekend, the decorations came out.

we all needed a little boost around here...and i knew just what would bring it on.

and you can always count on chase to make sure that individuals like kermit pay tribute to the Christ child.  every time i pass by the nativity...there is some new character making his pilgrimage to bethlehem on a steer...or a donkey...or a camel.
or on a shepherd's back.

it never fails to make me smile.

we were all treated to a puppet show...thanks to the styling of chase and aiden.

i suppose the weekend was about tapping into our creative talents...because aiden also wrote and illustrated a short story.  it's about a turkey named steakie.
and trust me when i say...that if you ever get a chance to read this should do it.  and count your blessings.

and finally, the wise men made a trip across the living room/africa accompanied by the night boats to cairo.  thank you to just dance 3 for making this little ditty famous to kids everywhere.  this is a song i could do without being on i pod repeat.  but it's there.  and i'm pretty sure to stay.

here's hoping to continually feeling better.
the, not one...but TWO holiday lunches that i am having at the school today.

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