Thursday, March 07, 2013

almost friday funnies.

everything is running slow these days.  me...for one.  even my computer.  it just took 15 minutes to open firefox.  bleh.

i'm going to post something that never fails to make me laugh.

because i need a good laugh.

about a month or so ago...our family was out to dinner with some friends.  and let me just tell you...i overheard a conversation between our 10 year old son and their 10 year old son...

...and that's when i realized that conversations between 10 year old boys ain't what they used to be.


J.T.:  "My birthday is august 25th."

Chase (cocking his head to the side and thinking hard) (i just knew he knew of something in history that happened on that day and i was waiting to hear what it was): "I know something else that happened on that day."  (That's my boy, I thought.)  "Neil Armstrong died.  I'm sure about it."

J.T.:  "I know what happened that day too.  Amanda Bynes got her license revoked."

Chase (seemingly interested and shocked at amanda bynes' irresponsibility):  "Really?"


And since my computer has frozen up about 27 times and shut down twice automatically since i started typing this...

that's all she wrote.

and by "she"...i mean..."me."

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