Thursday, May 02, 2013

it's a comin'...

today was the last day of co-op.  that means that i no longer teach pre-school every tuesday and thursday.  i loved those kids...but hollllllaaaaaa...this girl is ready for summer.

summer relaxes into a softer, slower rhythm.  don't get me wrong...i can get excited about new back packs; a fresh box of crayons; never written in spirals with the promise of maturing stories; and freshly sharpened pencils like nobody's business.  and i always start strong.  schedules and meal plans taped to the fridge.  lunch kits taking residence on a main shelf in the pantry.  alarm set at 6:45 and outfits picked out the night before.  but that's not where i like to live.  i do it.  and i find joy in it for a while.  but i wear down after christmas.  and then it's just...hang on till summer!  it's a-comin'.

because summer is where laid back lives.  and that's pretty much where i like to dwell.

summer is reading books for fun.  it's piling in mama and daddy's bed for a late night movie.  back packs are replaced by swim bags on the hooks by the door.  lunch kits are replaced with a picnic basket.  the alarm clock is switched off for good.  schedules are replaced with a summer bucket list.  and once a week ice cream outings with friends are put into affect.

yeah.  some people are school year people.  and i love that about them.'ll never hear me say, "laaaawwwddd have mercy...i can't wait to get these kids back to school."  i like to live in summer.

and it might as well be the day after thanksgiving...where the magic of christmas is upon us, this last month of school!  because each night gets a little more relaxed.  homework gets a little less "necessary."  we head out barefoot.  we linger in the driveway, laughing with neighbors a little longer.  it's a-comin'.

enjoying lately:


little girl sleepovers...complete with shirley temples:

sleeping in tents and summer jammies:

perched lip photos and the fact that she constantly wears that dress-up veil.  she calls it her hair...cuz she wants hair like her sister's:

it's a-growin' puddin' cup...don't you worry. look like a doll. got pixie flair!

familly hang outs:

a visit from a friend from s.c.

she happens to take the best pictures!  i only wish we had gotten some of her!

little girls in pink leotards.  just because:

looking tired:

being windblown:

 and looking up:

here's to looking up.  summer's a-comin'.

i'm gonna live there a while.

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Alicia Trussell said...

You inspire me, my friend (:

"here's to looking up. summer's a-comin'.
i'm gonna live there a while."
I'm praying we live here for a long time, but if not I'm thankful I have friends like you by my side come rain or shine <3