Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wrong again

sibling love and support and celebration is a happiness that surpasses most anything else.  it never ceases to bring laughter and swelling pride.

in soccer...scoring 3 goals in a game is called a "hat trick."

it is not easily done...and is a right of passage, of sorts, for a soccer player.

my girl did it.

unfortunately...her big brother didn't get to come to the game to see her.  however, his reaction upon hearing the news was the best big brother reaction i think i've ever seen.

this relationship of theirs...

it grows every day.  and it's beautiful...and raw...and real...and kind.

it's love.

her little sister followed suit.

when i stood on the side-lines of the soccer field, watching my girl play and make things happen...i felt a pride and excitement that i didn't think could be matched by any other moments that day.

and then we came home.

and i had been wrong.

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