Friday, September 22, 2006

c spot run

o.k. we are actually running with this whole blog thing and i am pretty excited about it. i must admit, my knowledge about computers, uploading, downloading and everything in between is limited to say the least, but this seems to be the thing to do...and the best way to let friends and family who live so far away (iowa and south carolina) into our lives a little bit better. i will say, i know why reality tv is so catchy...if we can get out of our own lives and into someone else's, even for a second, we do. well, some of us do anyway. it is kind-of nerve racking knowing that other people will be reading this and more importanly, realizing what a horrible speller i am. boy, if you are lacking stress in your life, try coming up with a blog name. you'd think your life depended on this decision. well, my goal is to get recent pictures of the sweeties (colton, chase and aiden annee-grace) on here so that you can all see them and go from there. first i need to figure out how to use the digital camera and then how to upload or download or whatever the correct term is for the magic that happens between a camera and a computer. i am very excited to start writing these blogs and i hope you are excited to read them. tune in...the clarksons are coming to you soon.

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