Friday, September 22, 2006

Rocket Science

aiden annee-grace -- 16 months

colton lloy -- 5 1/2

joshua "chase" -- almost 4

ALRIGHT...finally!! you would think that we were trying to launch the shuttle or something. uploading pictures...not easy. i called in chad for reinforcement and he did it for me. there was lots of clicking involved...kinda scary!! hopefully it will get easier.


Shannon Hayes said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for the recent ones...i will have to send you some of Z with his helmet! Looking forward to your blog!

john and lindsey said...

mindy! congratulations on the blog. :) i cannot believe how different the kids look ... it is so fun and yet so sad at the same time. john and i have to come and visit!! love you guys,

Ginger said...
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TJ said...

Nice blog-site thingy. We will enjoy checking it out to see how you guys are doing.

One tip for you...Chad might have to do this :)...On the Blogger dashboard, click the little gear icon under "change settings". On the next page click the "settings" tab and choose "comments" The second question will be "Who can comment?" Change it to "anyone", that way you can get more comments from people because anyone can comment, not just people with a blogger account.

Anonymous said...

Everyone of those pictures of your kids is absolutely adorable! Rex and Shawna have a blog on the same
Maybe we should jump on board. I like the growing blooms, but I guess I'm too late for that one.


Katie said...

OK. I haven't commented on these before. I don't know why it says anonymous. I'll try something different this time.


Rick and Ronda said...

Thanks for sending us the pictures. We're missing their growing up years and it is so refreshing to see their smiling faces. We love you guys soooooo much!

killerhawk said...

Chad and Mindy who?? I'm drawing a blank here. Cute kids though.

ami said...

Guitar lessons, gecko catching, who are you, Super Mom?
I wish I could kiss all three of those little faces. Well, maybe just two of them. If I know Colton, he would only let me get away with a hug.
I miss you guys! (that is Iowan for ya'll)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bloggy thing...whatever. I got a ral kick out of the whole thing. I needed that since I just spent an hour and one half on the phone with Roadrunner and Norton trying to straighten out this darn computer. All systems seem to be go right now. I am just a little concerned that Chase is saying "no Shamu"...which may make for a long week-end. DAD