Sunday, September 24, 2006

A List of Firsts

Here are a list of some firsts in my life over the past week or so:

1st cold front: i wait patiently for this every year when approaching fall...i get the same feeling now that i did when i was little on the first day that you feel the cool fall breeze. it makes me happy.

1st guitar lesson: colton and i are taking guitar lessons together. my repertoire includes twinkle twinkle little star, mary had a little lamb, and happy birthday...which i will play for chase this coming weekend for his birthday.

1st bow: aiden got her very first bow for her hair yesterday. this is important in a girl's life!! it is small (but not small enough to choke on...SAFETY FIRST!!!) and pink and it looks so cute for about 2.5 seconds before she yanks it out and throws it across the room.

1st technical cold: aiden woke up with a substantial runny nose friday morning...her first real cold. she is handling it fever, etc. colton, about 30 minutes ago yelled from the other room..."mom, i have boogers running out of my nose." great. chase should come down with it just as we are loading the car for san antonio.

1st broken bone: chase has a buckle fracture of his radius and ulna at the wrist. he is the tough one of the bunch. i think he personally thanked every nurse, doctor, aide, or volunteer that we came in contact with. he has not complained or cried once about the cast up to his shoulder...however, it is putting a damper on the super-fit of the superman costume. the left sleeve is just not happening. his superman action figure has a cast made of masking tape. the two are off fighting crime as we speak.

1st trip to sea world: we are going to san antonio with my mom and dad this weekend for chase's birthday.

1st absence from kindergarten: colton missed friday because he had a low grade fever the night before. rules of the coming to school if fever within 24 hrs. this is probably the same cold aiden has.

1st time in my career as a mom to not do a birthday party for one of the kids. colton has had 5, chase 3, and aiden 1...that's 9 birthday parties, but this year it is seaworld instead for chaser. i'm a bit conflicted about this being that he keeps saying "no shamu" after we suprised him with the idea the other day. oh well, we forge ahead anyway.

1st time to be a room mom: i went to a room parents meeting on friday to learn my duties as colton' s class room mom. this is going to be way more than i thought...but should be fun. i'm working some booth at the fall festival...i didn't even know there was a fall festival.

1st time aiden said "hi"

1st time all three kids got in a fight: i had my back turned 1 second too long the other day...all i know is that it involved 1 superman, 1 rescue hero, aiden's baby doll, spiderman fruit snacks and every throw blanket and throw pillow we own. what??????????? i still don't know.

1st time i caught a gecko all by myself: one got in the other night and chad was at a meeting...did i mention that i HATE geckos...they really give me the willies. i mean they're see-thru. nothing is natural about that!! usually i stand on the table or couch while chad gets it...but tonight, mom came through. with all 3 kids watching...i caught him under a tupperware. then i panicked and got the neighbor to come finish the job...which involved letting it go with at least a 3 house buffer.

well, that's it. a list of firsts. i better go help chad downstairs with the kids. i just heard a loud bang followed by chad saying "ouch" and colton and chase laughing. that can't be good.


killerhawk said...

Oh, Chad and Mindy Clarkson! OK, I remember. Awesome list Mindy - very witty and humorfull...or humorous...well - funny. I'm definitely going to enjoy keeping up with the Clarksons. There's your reality TV show name - KEEPING UP WITH THE CLARKSONS. I'll call Mark Burnett and see what I can make happen.

mindy clarkson said...

what's with this killerhawk business? i still refer to you as hawkinf. if i stub my toe or drop a trashcan on it (which really happened), muttering "killerhawk" under my breath just does not have the same flare as "HAWKINF".

TJ said...

i appreciated the seinfeld reference with the super-fit superman costume. "i don't recall superman wearing pajamas! And it didn't help that my mom made me wear my winter parka over my costume."