Thursday, November 30, 2006


The kids had some special things to say to their daddy on his birthday today. Here is how the question went, "What would you like to say to Daddy on his birthday?" Their answers are as follows...
Colton: "Happy Birthday. Tomorrow will be December! I wish that you would feel good and I wish that you would have a good time and I wish that you would feel very special. I love you. Love family."

Chase: "'s Thursday. Happy Birthday Chase. Give me a hug."

"Aiden...what are you doing?"

Aiden: "Just a second Mom. I am calling my Daddy to wish him a happy birthday."


The Blooms said...

Happy Birthday, Chad!

Thanks for letting us visit beautiful Houston. We had a wonderful time. Hope you have a wonderful day. We recommend you break into the 24.

The Blooms

janice said...

i wish you a very special birthday chad------

So great to see the pictures of colton, chase and Aiden G.J.

mom said...

Happy birthday Chad!
I second what Colton said. I hope you feel special today and every day. Thank you for showing us such a good time in Houston. I miss you and each one in your family and those beautiful blue skies. Love you, Mom

amanda said...

Tell Chad the Khalils said Happy Belated Birthday!