Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hum-drum...for a second

well, a few minutes ago i came up to check e-mail, and do the limited "computer things" that i do every day and i thought to myself, "it is about time to post another blog and interestingly enough, i don't have much to say." it has mainly been the same ole, hum-drum stuff that i have been talking to friends about for the last month it seems...(aside: i want to write a children's book and so i am always in search of a good title. it just occured to me that "hum-drum" might work in a title someway.)...back to life...back to reality...who remembers that song? random. anyhow, kid's ear infections, trying to finish organizing the house, painting rooms, cleaning, laundry, trying to get ready for chad's whole family to get here for thanksgiving, etc. etc. etc. so, i thought i would just not write anything until i had something interesting to write about. well, something that i thought was interesting anyway. and then who should if hearing from a little angel perched on his shoulder saying, "pssst...hey....mindy needs something interesting to write her now..." the telephone rings while i sit at the computer pondering the un-eventfulness, and i hear chad on the other end. the first thing he says is, "i have bad news." now, the thought that entered my mind first, and i don't know why... except for it was the last conversation that we had...was that he did not have the receipt for the vacuum cleaner that i wanted to return to target today. but no. very quickly he interupted that thought with the following words. "a tree fell on the car." i don't know the details other than he was at lunch, and several people...3 to be exact...called him to tell him the news. my maroon honda accord that i got for my highschool graduation from my parents was parked in the church parking lot, surrounded by huge oak (i think) trees. we are having an extremely windy day...although beautiful and a whole tree fell on top of the car. windows smashed and all. a little worse than a missing receipt, but not as bad as it could have been. i am very thiankful that no one was in the car. i am very thankful that it was not the van...the only way i have to get the kids around. i am very thankful that no one is hurt. i am very thankful that it was chad's voice on the phone instead of someone else calling to tell me of something happening to chad. does anyone know if we will get a new car out of this deal? one can only hope.


killerhawk said...

You need to tell Chad to start living right!
A tree fell on the the church parking lot?!?!!? Coincidence...I think not!

TJ said...

Let's see a picture!!