Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beautiful Day...and it is

well, so many stories...so little time. here is one for today. i've decided there are music people and non-music people. i am definitely a music person and chad really is not. not that chad does not ever listen to or appreciate music at all, he just doesn't really seek it out or use it to alter his mood. for example, after i get out of the van, the next person who enters will hear whatever cd strikes my fancy that day blaring as a reminder of my last venture. after chad has driven the van, i always have to change it from the am sports channel when i get back in. that's what i mean...music person...non music person. now that we have that settled; my children take after their mom and love...i repeat...LOVE music. i must admit, i am proud of their taste as well. currently, both colton and chase request u2's beautiful day and elevation the minute we get in the car. and of course, i happily meet their request to "turn it up mommy". aiden usually dances and claps to whatever is on but seems to already have an appreciation for the magic that is u2. colton knows every word of elevation which may or may not be a catalyst for some of you questioning why my kids are singing to u2 instead of veggie tales or cedermont kids...but, it is what it is. while elevation is ringing through my blue minivan...which certainly does not scream u2 from the outside like it does from the inside, the boys can be seen jamming out, hands in the air, head keeping rhythm, and singing every word. aiden watches and claps her hands over her head, not to be left out of the experience. most of you know that colton has been musical from the womb, and hears instruments in a song that others don't even know exsist...such as a mandolin, etc. etc. so, the other day, while listening to none other than elevation, i explained the bridge in the song to colton. the next time we listened to the song...chase, not to let one get passed him...said, "let's go over the bridge mommy!" i said "o.k. baby...here it comes!" colton's response was, "Go Bono!" with rocker fist in the air. at dinner last night, chase...who has seemed to always have a heart for prayer and will melt you with some of his very honest and insightful words to God...prays, "God...thank you for beautiful day and elevation." i smile now and ponder the words quietly to myself...beautiful day...and it is.

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killerhawk said...

Way to go mommy. Bringing those kids up right!