Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just the Goings On

well, i don't really have any great stories or funny antecdotes today. i just thought it was time to blog again and thought i would let everyone in on the goings on at the clarkson home. i just took chase to school and then came home to put aiden down for her nap. some days, when i take chase to school at noon, colton's class is out on the playground for recess. the door that i drop chase off at is right next to the playground, so he gets very excited on the days that we drive up and see colton's class out there. he always wants to jump out and run to say hi to colton. usually colton and some of his friends come over to the gate to say hi to us, but today he pulled this "run by the gate and pretend not to see us" act. now, this is fine with me because i understand his need to be silly and and act grown up...and most of the time he is really sweet and gives chase hugs through the gate, but poor chase did not understand why his big brother could not see him. there he was, clenching the gate while standing on his tippy toes to see over it yelling, " i am...colton...i'm over here." then chase looked up at me with question in his eyes and my heart broke for him. i just grabbed his hand and said, "look at colton being so silly. he is pretending he does not see us." we told his friends, who did see us, bye and walked back to chase's door. finally, colton yelled from the gate "hi" to chase. so all is well with the brothers again. tomorrow is "polar express day" at the school and all the kids get to wear pajamas to school and they are watching the polar express. chase and colton are very excited to wear their pj's to school. they have matching ones that i happen to find on sale. i was just going to have them wear their christmas pajamas from last year, but colton's didn't fit him anymore. so then i was going to have chase wear colton's old ones, and i went to get colton some for this year. they did not have any at gap or the children's place that i liked, so i reluctantly went in to gymboree, where i usually don't buy anything because it is too expensive. i saw 2 pair of plaid pj's...the big boy kind with the button down top and matching pants...hanging on the clearance rack. why they had christmas pj's on the clearance rack, i don't know. my thought was, there is no way one of these will be a size 6. i looked at the first pair and it was a 4 (chase's size). then i looked at the second pair and it was a 6! yea! so i grabbed the 6 and went to the register, and they rang up even cheaper than they were marked...only $16. so, i figured that this was an obvious sign that i was supposed to by the 4 for chase as well. so i did. and boy are these boys cute in their christmas, plaid, big boy, polar express pajamas. the only problem is that they are a tad big in the waist. after i finish this, i am going to break out the needle and thread and try to sew a little tuck in the waist so they will be a perfect fit for school tomorrow. maybe aiden and i will wear our pajamas all day tomorrow too. i vote that chad wear his pajamas to his all day meeting tomorrow in celebration of polar express day at bauerschlag elememtary. who's with me?


Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture on your next blog of the Polar Express Family--and Chad is a part of the family! I know the boys will be too cute. Mindy, you are sounding like your mother--did you tell Chad, "Look how much $ I saved, Babe."

Gramma Sue said...

Polar Express day at school sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Your playground story was so descriptive--I was picturing the whole story. Thanks

amanda said...

I vote for Chad to wear his pj's to his meeting in honor of the family polar express pj day! Mindy, it has been crazy here. Sorry I have not talked to you in a while. I hope to talk with you soon. Love ya, Amanda