Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meal Time Bites...

...get it??? bites??? meal times at my house are not my favorite thing. i feel that there are 2 kinds of people in the world...those that live to eat and those that eat to live. i am the latter. i eat to stay alive, not because i enjoy it. don't get me wrong, i have a sweet tooth that wont' stop, but meals...not my favorite thing. and cooking...HATE it! well, colton and chase are similar to me. they don't particularly love eating meals, but snacks...keep em comin. anyhow, i have been having trouble getting all three of them to eat the same thing and making 5 different dinners definitely does NOT float my boat. chad likes meat; i like fruit and veggies; colton likes mac and cheese; chase likes pizza; aiden likes yogurt...and so on. i decided a while back that i was not going to be suckered into trying to please everyone, so i set rules. rule number eat what is in front of you. rule number take the number of bites of how old you are. (however, i don't make chad take 34 bites of broccoli.) january 1st, i added some new rules because, let's face it, it was not going well. new rule number 3...if you complain about the food that i prepared, you must help clean the kitchen. (this means pulling the chair over and washing all the dishes that go in the dishwasher and loading it...they already had to clear the table.) new rule number must ask to be excused before you can leave the table. making our children aware of the fact that there are many, many kids in our world that do not have food at all is important to me. i will not stand for complaining about the food that we have. chad let colton see some of the kids on the compassion international website that did not have enough food and water, shelter, clothing, toys, etc. and it made a difference for him. we had always told him that there were these kids out there...but until he put a face with it, he didn't really believe us. anyhow, here is how it is soon as we sit down at the dinner table, chase says, "i clean kitchen tonight". colton says, "i'll help." then chase says, "no eat this" and colton makes some excuse about why he CAN"T eat, like it's "too spicy." while paying attention to them...trying to "remind" them about the number of bites rule...(refer to rule number 2) aiden has separated all her food in to sections and has thrown the "undesired" portion of the meal on to the floor. while i clean that up, colton and chase have managed to smear their food around and tell me that they have, indeed, taken their number of bites. how do i argue? maybe they have...i don't know. i need a video camera because i know as well as you do that i am getting played. i look to chad to see if they have eaten their bites or not and he normally just shrugs an "i don't know" shrug. he was busy eating his number of bites. i can't remember the last time i ate a hot meal. i am learning to prefer luke warm. i was thinking the other day about their different tastes and reactions to different kinds of kid friendly food. here is what i came up with...

Mac & Cheese:
Colton-loves it
Chase-hates it
Aiden-loves it

Colton-tolerates it (only without the sauce)
Chase-loves it
Aiden-loves it

Hot Dogs:
Colton-loves them
Chase-tolerates them sometimes
Aiden-throws them

Chase-loves the kind out of the tube
Aiden-will only eat it if she feeds herself (MESS)

Colton-loves them (skin on)
Chase-tolerates them (skin off)
Aiden-loves them

Colton-tolerates them
Chase-loves them with ranch
Aiden-eats a couple and then throws them

Colton-only without sauce

Cheese Sticks:
Colton-hates them
Chase-uses them for stirring his water

Scrambled Eggs:
Colton-loves them
Aiden-pushes bowl away

Colton-hates them
Chase-tolerates them
Aiden-loves them

Here are the things they all eat without a problem:

i think i will title this blog...MEAL TIME BITES!!


killerhawk said...

My mom only had one rule. "If you don't want to eat what I cook, you go hungry." As you can imagine, it worked rather well.
And as we got older, the rule changed to, "If you don't want to eat what I cook, there's peanut butter in the pantry."
To this day, I'll pretty much eat anything...especially if it has chocolate in it.

meredith said...

HA! I love this one. We have several similar rules at our house, with them posted at the table:
1) no silly noises
2) remember your manners!
3) must be excused from the table
4) must make a 'happy plate' for a 'special treat'.
5)FOOD is not a TOY!
6) plate to the sink

most nights it is oliver eating until his 'tummy says stop' and avery chowing everything like a dog that has been lost for about seven days.