Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Party On

well, we had colton's birthday party on sunday. there was a while there on sunday morning where we were unsure. colton said he did not feel good when he got up on sunday morning, and the weather was calling for freezing rain. i kept taking colton's temperature, and watching the weather forecast...going back and forth. is colton getting sick? is the cold front going to hit in the middle of pin the s on superman? how are we going to make this party work in the house? what to do, what to do? if we postpone until next weekend, colton will feel good, and the weather could be better. however, there is no guarantee of that. and, i did not have contact information for some of the kids in his class that did not i could not call and cancel. chad kept calling from chuch asking if we were on. i called and consulted with my mom and dad...which i tend to do in these situations. the counsel i got from everyone was to go ahead with it. so the party was on! went really well and was really fun for colton and the rest of the kids. as some of you know, it was a superhero party. the kids came dressed as their favorite superhero and we were able to have it in the backyard, inspite of the ice storm that was approaching rapidly. the weather was supposed to drop 20 degrees in like an hour on sunday afternoon at some point, and the party was from 2:00-4:00. we were sweatin it, but it held out. colton dressed as superman, of course; chase was batman; aiden was lois lane; and chad and i each wore vintage style superman t-shirts. the boys were so excited. aiden was less thrilled, but enjoyed herself...mainly due to being spoon-fed cake and ice cream a lot of the time. here is what we did:

kids arrived and played in the batcave-(the fort that chad covered with black trashbags to make it into the batcave)

superhero training course-(my personal favorite!!) we made a phone booth out of a big appliance box and got clark kent glasses, an old dress shirt and tie. they had to put the shirt, tie and glasses on over their costume to start and run into the phone booth, take them off, and bust out a superhero. then, they had to climb through the spider web chad made with rope; dive through the hulahoop hanging from the swingset; climb up the rockwall into the batcave; drop the bat signal (we made that out of yellow and black posterboard) to let us know they made it into the cave; slide down the slide; run around the cones; tire jump through the batman inflatable intertubes; and then finish by completing the x-ray vision test. that was a mason jar filled with m&ms and they had to guess how many were in the jar by using their x-ray vision.

kryptonite pass-we had a superhero music cd with all the songs from batman, superman, etc. and we had a plastic kryptonite toy that you put a glow stick in. the kids stood in a circle and passed it. when the music stopped, whoever was holding it was "out".

pin the s on superman

find green lantern's ring-chad got 40 of those ring pops from sams, and hid them all over the front yard. each kid got to find 2 of them.

balloon game-we took the bat signal down, and put it on the ground. the kids stood in a circle around it, blew up their balloons and then let them go. whoever's balloon landed closest to the bat signal won. i had my doubts about this game, but the kids went crazy and loved it.

the superman and batman pinatas-these things would not break!! finally, on 2nd, or 3rd go-around, superman got beheaded. i had to run over and take down the crime scene really quickly to avoid nightmares for life. i literally threw my body in front of the pinata to keep the kids from really seeing what it looked like. let me remind was hanging with rope.

superman cake and ice cream-colton got a little aggitated that one of the other kids blew out his candles before he had the chance, but decided that it was o.k. in the end.

presents-by this point, everyone was screaming...the kids, who are jacked up on cake, ice-cream, poweraide, and pinata candy at this point...and the adults who were trying to talk over the kids and keep them in line.

all and was a great party. i highly suggest the superhero theme. the girls loved it too.

that was sunday. monday...colton came down with strep throat. we went to the doctor and they did a strep test which went way better than i expected...however i had to do it first to show colton that it was "no big deal". now i HATE strep tests. i would rather have a shot. but, anything for your kid...right? after seeing me do it, colton decided that he could do it better. and he did.

last night, i was making an early dinner for the kids because chad and i had a meeting we had to go to. they were having a babysitter, other than my parents, which rarely happens. colton was being a bit demanding in his tone of voice yesterday afternoon and evening and i reached my limit. i was at the stove and he came in demanding that i open something for him. i said, "i would appreciate it if you would change your tune." to that, colton SANG, "mom...would thisssss...for meeee?" then he laughed and said, "you said to change my TUNE." all these commedians out of work...and he makes jokes!

expect a montage coming soon!!

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loving brother and uncle said...

Worried about a little ice and cold at the party? Huh! That’s nothing. Up here, we call that good times. However, our party games include, but not limited to: “pin the pom-pom on the Eskimo sock hat”; “shirtless ice belly-sliding”; “the polar bear club jump”; “snow angel madness”; “dare to eat the yellow snow”; and of course everyone’s favorite, “who can get their tongue and lips off the street pole first”. That one usually introduces the ever so unpopular “trip to the ER”. That’s how we determine who the superhero really is. Your party sounded like a smash. I wish more than anything that I could have been there. I could have worn my batman outfit from several Halloweens ago. Of course it was made for a child, but I was able to cram into it. Tell Colton that I am sorry I missed it and Happy B-day. Tell batman and Lois that I missed them too. Love you guys.

- Alaska Moose Patrol