Tuesday, January 09, 2007

off his back or over his head

well, we are busy getting ready for colton's birthday party this coming sunday. he wanted a superhero party so i guess the superman cake pan was worth the money. we are having the party in the backyard...i am praying for good weather, because he wanted to invite everyone in his class...and plan B is NOT inside my house. at first chad and i thought we should stick with the "1 kid per year" rule, but he was so concerned about kids in his class getting their feeling hurt that we decided to let him invite them all. i am busy trying to come up with superhero games to play and chad is developing the relay race as we speak. all the kids are coming dressed like their favorite superhero, so it should be pretty cute. i don't have anything for aiden to wear...we will have to come up with something. does super-pumpkin work??? how about super-christmas dress girl??? let's see...we have a tiger costume that i have yet to return to shannon...she could be super-tiger. well, we will see. chad was in iowa this passed weekend, so we spent saturday and sunday with my parents. that was fun. they have a game that the boys love to play. it is called A to Z Junior. it has 100 little red chips that you have to use to cover up letters, and you can imagine what chase's mission was. colton was totally into the game, and so was granna and i, and chase was too for the first 8 minutes. well, he got tired of waiting for his turn and decided to begin throwing the tiny chips all over the living room. i quickly put an end to that, but then we were all obsessively looking for all the chips so that aiden wouldn't get them and put them in her mouth. we found them all after a while. a little while later, they wanted to play the game again. i said, "o.k. but granna is in charge of the chips." colton said, "and colton...because colton is very careful." (he has started this thing where he talks in 1st person) and then he looked at chase and said, "but not chase...you're crazy...you're like a circus act," referring to chase's inability to control his impulses at times. lucky in that moment, things seem to roll right of chase's back. either that, or go right over his head.


killerhawk said...

There's nothing wrong with referring to ones self in the third (I think you meant third, Mindy) person. Rick thinks Colton is very cool.

mindy clarkson said...

i was actually sitting at the computer while typing that blog saying to myself, "is it 1st or 3rd person." i am having flashbacks now of mrs. jackson's english class. i am losing way too many brain cells with each pregnancy.

killerhawk said...

You're supposed to stay OFF the hard drugs during pregnancy.