Sunday, February 03, 2008 least she obeys

the other day, aiden said that she had to go potty. she still really hasn't decided if she wants to go in her big girl potty or continue to use the old faithful diaper. sometimes she thinks she's ready and then at other times, she is positive she's not. well, this particular day...she thought she was ready. she announced...rather determined...that she had to go potty. this may be a good time to say that i think she is more attracted to the lolly pop that she knows she will get if she actually "goes" in the potty than she is the thought of being "dry" and more comfortable in big girl underwear. i don't think she really gives two flips if she is wearing and uncomfortable diaper or her new, cool, super fantastic big girl tinkerbell underwear. when she tells me she wants to sit on her potty, i say, "ok. fabulous!!" she has this little habit of sitting on it for a second, and then getting up and running around the house until i tell her to come sit back down. i sat her on the potty and sat with her for a bit. i told her that i was gonna go check on chase and that she was to stay on her potty. she was not to get up and run around the house. and that she better still be sitting on that potty when i got back. this is where i found her. good grief. at least she obeyed. i think she's going to be the "survivor" of the family. at 2 years old, she's already outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting me.

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kay said...

it's called...multi-tasking :)