Friday, February 29, 2008

"it's go what day????"

this morning, i piled the kids in the suburban and began the short little drive to take colton to school. colton began freaking out that he forgot to get his rock out of his pocket and that if he didn't bring his rock that they were doing a project with, he would get his clip moved. getting your clip moved is what happens when you get in trouble. in his whole year of kindergarten and his whole year of first grade so far, he has never had his clip moved. he is terrified of having his clip moved. he will do anything to avoid having his clip moved. now, i ask you, how can a kid be sooooo worried about getting in trouble at school yet not give 2 flips about consequences at home? maybe it's the clip. maybe i should start making him move a clip instead of losing playstation. maybe this clip has some magical power that i am unaware of. who knows and i am off subject. suprising. i'm listening to him fret about his rock and his clip i pull into the school drive. that's when i saw it. a little girl wearing a pink cowgirl hat. and that's when i remembered. today is go texan day. the kids were all dressed up in their western wear to celebrate the start of the rodeo. i LOVE go texan day. i always dressed up from head to toe. it was so fun. and i forgot. i immediately projected my love for go texan day and how i would feel if my mom had forgot (of course she never did...and that stirs a whole other pot of emotions like why i can't seem to be like my mom who would have never forgot to dress me up for go texan day. she had it all together, boy.) i, immediately began brainstorming how i could remedy this little "slip up" so that colton would not be the only one not dressed up. i sheepishly said, "ooooh colton...i's go texan day today." now...i thought that he would flip his lid because i forgot and that he would be the only one not dressed up and that he would be all mad and crazy and stuff. but his reply was, "it's go what day?" oh thank you sweet Jesus. he doesn't really care about go texan day. that's when reality hit. even if i had remembered that it was go texan day (i mean it is written neatly on my calendar that seems to be pointless about now) he didn't have anything western that fit him anyays. i would have had to buy him something. and i would have too. because i love it. it's important to me. but, that would have been a total waste of money, because it's not important to him. he didn't care. now, if it had been "go dress like your favorite athelete or superhero day" we would have been in big trouble. but i realized how much i place my favorite things and opinions on my kids. and how i have before, and would have this morning forced him to put on the boots and the hat and he would have been grumbling that he didn't want to and it would have been a struggle and a battle that would have been pointless. if go texan day was required for a grade or an issue of respect or instructed in the Bible by Jesus himself, then that would be different. but it's a choice. and colton's choice. not mine. all this seems really silly...being that i totally forgot about it and it wasn't an issue...but it just got me thinking. and that's always dangerous.

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