Wednesday, February 13, 2008


houston...we have a problem.

it seems that i have decided, unconscienciously of course...where most of my big decisions are made, to start losing things. i used to be so super organized. everything had its place. i never had to wonder where something was or fumble around looking for it. even chad's stuff was under control. he would sometimes wake me up in the morning to ask me if i knew where his wallet was. or his keys. or is sunglasses. or the checkbook. just the other day, he called me to ask if i knew where his palm pilot was. you get the drift. i always knew where the kids stuff was too. they would come yelling, "mooooommmmm. where is the batman costume? where are my socks? where is the leapster? where's the incredibles dvd? where did i put my shoes?" and i ALWAYS new the answer. you get the drift again. seems that this organized part of my brain that we speak of has left the premises. i have lost my brand new fossil watch. i have lost my one of my favorite t-shirts. i have lost my phone charger. i have lost aiden's little pearl ring that she got for christmas. i have lost her pearl bracelet from granna. i have lost her silver bracelet with her name engraved on it that she got from chad and i for christmas. (technically...she lost the pearl bracelet. but i am responsible for the other 2 things being misplaced.) i have lost my sunglasses. i have lost my real glasses. i have lost my wooden spoons from the kitchen. and now...i have lost my keys. i ask again. what is wrong with me?

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Shannon said...

The fact that you birthed and care for 3 children, not to mention your husband, come to mind...:)And we can just turn that around and consider them a blessing, and the forgetfulness as part of a life lived fully!