Friday, March 14, 2008

the spelling bee and a cross dressing cat

a few things on my mind. some serious...which will not be talked about tonight, and some not so serious...which will be the topics of the evening.

i'm not sure how i entertained myself before my 3 children. these days, i wake up every morning wondering how they will make me laugh today. and, it usually doesn't take long before it starts. for example...

every monday, colton gets his spelling list for the week. throughout the week he is supposed to write a sentence for each word and then on thursday, i give him a spelling test. this has been an enjoyable thing for us both. he loves coming up with the sentences and i love to pretend like i'm a real teacher when i give him the test. i have total flashbacks to fourth grade. that's when i remember taking spelling tests. my teacher would say the word...then use the word in a sentence...and then say the word again. so...obviously, that's what i do. so last week, one of the words was "shell". after colton went to bed, i looked over colton's sentences. this was his sentence for the word shell.

"we shell play football today."

i found it humerous. i read it to chad and he laughed and said, "even if the word was "shall"...who talks like that anymore?" i think it just shows how well colton knows the Bible!! they are always talking that way. ok. that's probably a stretch.

this week, one of his words was "child". this was his sentence...

"we have one good child."

i didn't even bother to ask him which child he was refering to. speaking of spelling...i'm very excited because my mom and i are going to see the broadway show "the spelling bee" with my friend and her mom. i've heard that this is one of the best shows on broadway. it is coming to houston and i think it is going to be really fun.

a few days ago, i was getting ready to run some errands. my usual routine is to get the kids ready first and then let them play while i get ready. then, i call aiden into the bathroom so that i can do her hair. she loves to come in a little early while i am putting my makeup on. she always says the same thing. "i need my lipgloss." this makes me proud because i am a complete lipgloss junky. i let her put it on herself and she, of course gets it all over her mouth. it's i don't really have an issue with it. people just think she's really shiny. well, the other day, i turned around and she was putting lipgloss on boo radley. (did i mention that we have boo radley back?) why she was doing this makes sense. but why he was letting her...didn't.

then there was today at target...where aiden loves to go and chase hates to go. in the little girls department, they had little easter purses and hats. they had both white and pink ones. i figured aiden would go crazy over them...due to the fact that she loves purses. i was right. while my attention was elsewhere, i turn around to see aiden turn the corner...sporting the white straw hat while swinging the little, white purse. what i did not expect to see was my sweet little his soccer uniform...wearing the pink straw hat with the little, pink purse on his arm. shockingly...that wasn't the funniest part. he had the hat down over his eyes. so as aiden was skipped toward me with agility, there was chase...running into the racks of clothes. i was rolling. obviously, he learned this behavior from boo radley. shhhhh. don't tell chad.


Shannon said...

Zechariah loves to put on lipgloss as well...unrelated news, Silas got the Flat Stanley today - he was SOOOO excited!!! :) Colton will get a pic soon!

mindy clarkson said...

shannon...whenever asked who his best friend is, colton still replies proudly..."SILAS"