Monday, March 03, 2008

and the oscar goes to....

with all the disney and animated movies's enough to confuse a person. especially if you are aiden or chase.

currently, the favorite movies to watch in our house are aladdin and beauty and the beast. we not only watch the movies...but listen to both movie soundtracks as well.

as i type, aiden is dressed up in her cinderella costume, complete with heels and all, and chase in the ever popular, being held together by a thread due to being worn constantly for the past 2 years, batman costume. i heard her knock on the door to the room chase...i mean, batman was hiding in. chase said, "whooo iiiiiiiiiiis it?" aiden...i mean cinderella...said, "tinkerbell." i immediately laughed and decided that this was a play i did not want to miss. so i listened closely. then they acted out a scene from aladdin to the music of beauty and the beast. i paused for a moment...took it all in...and decided they both deserved academy awards for their creative screenplay adaptation.

and that's when i decided to get my old soccer and swim trophies out to present them their awards. if only i had a red carpet and paparazzi.

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