Saturday, March 29, 2008

it could happen to you

does anyone remember that movie? where the waitress starts talking to her customer and he says that if he wins a million dollars that he will share it with her, and then does...both.

that movie is really beside the point. chad and i did so bad on our march madness, ncaa tournament picks, that we decided to enter another contest on yahoo for just the sweet 16. if you get all the games right, you can win a million dollars. of course, there will be a lot of people who get them all right, so the tie-breaker is if you guess the score at the end of the game right. if there still is a tie, then they go to what you guessed as the half-time score. in the last pool, i took north carolina all the way to the finals, and since i did so bad...i decided to pick them being upset in the first round of the sweet 16. didn't happen. but, i was 5 for 6 until davidson went and won. i had them losing too because they are a 10 seed, i think...and they barely won one of their games to make it into the sweet 16. oh i'm 6 for 8...which is pretty good for a girl who really doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to these basketball teams. chad knows which ones play the best defense, and which ones play better in tournament situations, etc. etc. etc. but he's not doing any better than neither of us are going to win a million this weekend. so really the title of this blog should didn't happen to us.

i went to go see the musical, the spelling bee last night and it was so good. i went with my mom, and a friend and her mom. we had so much fun. in the lobby, a guy came up to us and asked my friend and i if we would like to be in the musical. they were casting 4 people from the audience to be a part of the spelling bee. now...a few things were going through my head at this point. one, i am a terrible speller. two...i get stage fright. don't get to be a part of a broadway musical everyday. and four...this could be my big chance. i could get discovered and whisked away to new york to start my broadway career. (ok. that last one was just coming from my "dreamer side" of my brain.) i then pretended to step up to the mic and started singing "the sun-il come out, tomorrow..." it was at that point that i may or may not have embarrassed myself. everyone was laughing though. and i prefer to think that they were laughing with me...and not at me. we did decide that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to be in a broadway show...OR humiliate our we went to the casting person that the guy directed us to. they were picking 4 people to represent the probably, 1 child, 1 girl, 1 guy of different ages and so on. so, i knew that we would both not get picked. we got interviewed together though, which was really funny. when the casting lady asked if we had any hobbies, my friend said piano and i said, "spelling. s...p...e...l...l...i...n...g." she asked what i did for a living and i told her i stayed at home with my 3 kids. then she asked where we got our news from, such as cnn, newspaper, etc. i said, "playhouse disney." she thought we were quite funny. however...we didn't get chosen. oh well...i guess it just wasn't my time to get discovered. (we decided that we were too funny and that we would upstage the actors.)

that may...or may not have been our attempt at comforting ourselves. COULD have happen to me...but it didn't. again.

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