Tuesday, February 17, 2009

entertainment is...colton at baseball practice & change

indeed, i am a creature of change. i am not happy unless i can re-arrange the furniture in the living room every couple of months. it has now been the same since christmas and it is driving me crazy. there are only so many ways to arrange it and i have exhausted them all. i guess that means we need to get new furniture!! (just kidding honey. just seeing if you were paying attention)

well...the real point here is that i am already tired of my new blog page. all those pink flowers staring me in the face every time i log on. enough already!! so...that is going to have to change pretty soon. but not now, as i am already running a bit late to pick up the little girl sweetness from preschool. but you can imagine my "giddy-ness" when i noticed (yes. it took me 2 years) that i could change font size, color, boldness, and use italics. i am actually feeling joyful over it!! expect a lot of this in the future...probably to the point of irritation.

so...to provide the humor in this post...because it is very unlike me to not have anything that will at least, hopefully, produce a grin...if not a soft chuckle (and i really just wanted to use the word "chuckle"): my main man took my little man to baseball practice the other night and texted me about something he had just watched him do in disbelief. here is what the text said...

"colton just made a play and then proceeded to look up and point to the sky. as if thanking God. seriously."

entertainment at it's finest.


Anonymous said...

It is awesome when God shows us in real life what Jesus meant when he said, "Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me".
I am proud of Colton, and his parents for their teaching.

m.c. said...

i'm not sure colton knew what he was doing. i think he was more trying to imitate some of his major league heros!! however...i guess i can pretend that he was actually thanking God for his baseball abilities! ha.