Saturday, February 21, 2009

happiness is... new skin care product!!

i am the girl who will wash her face with whatever is by the sink when the hankering arises to wash the face. i have been known to use baby soap, hand soap, and even shampoo when i find myself in the shower with nothing else to use! yet, lately i have noticed, less than exciting images in the mirror when looking closely. okay...even when not looking so closely. dryness...flakyness...lines...bumps...and even crows feet...are taking up residence on my 30 something face. yikes! thanks to a dear friend, who has beautiful 50 something skin, i have been turned on to a new face product. i love it for several reasons. a.) it is pre-soaped. the individual pads have enough soap on them to create a generous lather...which is the problem that i have found with other pre-soaped products. b.) one side is smooth for removing make-up while the other side has little bumps to remove dead skin...sort of a microderm abrasion thing. and c.) they have alpha-hydroxy in them, which is known to make the skin healthier. and d.) they are fairly inexpensive when compared to other face products out there. i find myself excited to wash my face at night. next purchase...the aveeno moisturizing lotion.

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Anonymous said...

okay that is exciting. I will have to get some next time a target. Im all for easy. Thanks. christi speights