Thursday, April 09, 2009


lately i have been feeling so yucky that i have not even logged onto the computer...much less posted anything. i haven't checked e-mail in weeks. hopefully, in a couple of weeks i will be feeling lots better. hopefully.

chad has pretty much been having to pick up the slack around here. seeing as i can't enter the kitchen without feeling as though i will either throw up or pass out...meals have been a bit of a challenge. he has to get the kid's breakfast in the morning, and feed them dinner. i try to stay out of there. as chase would say..."it's not my favorite."

secondly, the house has pretty much taken on a mind of it's own. if i had the energy, i would take pictures. it is quite the sight. dishes everywhere (because i can't look at them without gagging); clothes covering the floors (they may or may not be clean. if they don't smell...they wear them); the playroom probably has things growing under the layers of toys (i don't even want to think about that); at least 1 bathroom seems to be clogged all the time; the main one seems to always smell like urine (i hold my breath). you get the drift. i would pay a large sum of money for someone to come clean my house for me right now.

colton and chase are in full baseball mode. they have 2 games a week and sometimes they don't start until 7:45...putting us getting home around 9:45 on a school night. that's fun. the plus...2 words........concession and stand. i survive on snow cones. grape please.

aiden has become used to our "special playtime" really being "come crawl in bed with mommy and watch playhouse disney until noon" time. i tell myself they are educational programs and she won't remember this later.

i just choked down milk of magnesia for dinner. that speaks for itself.

everyday chase asks, "are you still sick mommy?" poor guy. it's becoming his norm. aiden takes it all in stride. and last night, colton wanted to know how much longer til the first trimester is over. i knew what he meant though. how much longer til i won't bark orders from the couch and stop flying off the handle at the drop of a hat. that's when i said..."not much longer baby...and i'll feel a lot better. just a couple of weeks." then i realized he has the timing compared to how much school he has left until summer...which is what he was more concerned with...which made me feel a little better. i am watching my "angry voice" though. when aiden thinks she's in trouble, she just starts saying, "i'm cold." not sure what that's about. and if chase gets in trouble and i call for him...he says from the other room, "are you going to talk rude to me?" geeeeez. that makes one feel fantastic.

i know, i know...stop complaining. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 11 weeks down. mommy will be back soon.


lindsey said...

ugh. nothing is worse than morning sicknes!!! okay, there are worse things, but at the time it seems like nothing is worse. you have been there, you know the drill. a few more weeks and you will be up and at 'em. and don't beat yourself up ... it happens to the best of us. for 10 weeks the only words i spoke to john were "uh huh." love you and call if you need to.

Amanda said...

I have been thinking about you!