Thursday, April 23, 2009


today, colton stayed home from school. no...he's not sick. he had a field trip downtown to see a play and he begged and begged to not go. he said that he had never been on a field trip without me and i am not the room mom this year for his class, so i could not go. this was sort of disappointing to me, but then again i was relieved because i have been feeling so crumby. the last place i would want to be is on a hot bus with screaming 2nd graders when the nauseousness hits. and far from home, at that. so...we let him skip it. i know...i know...probably the wrong parental decision, but i really don't care. the boy makes all a's with his eyes shut and one hand behind his back; has all E's in conduct and never i figure that missing one field trip is not going to tarnish his record. annnnnd...that gives us a good excuse to take the kids to the theater in houston to see broadway's the wizard of oz. i don't know if we will actually get to...because tickets for a family of 5 (and 1/2) are probably ridiculous and not an option...but maybe!!

in other news...aiden has chosen her room. we have 4 bedrooms upstairs. 1...what has always been the nursery and where aiden still is now; 2...a guest room; 3...the boy's room, now that they share; and 4...another guest room that was chase's before they moved in together. so...she got to pick whether or not she wanted to be on the same side with "her boys" or next to the baby. she said that she needed to be with her baby, so indeed...that is where she will be. so...we are in the market for the cutest white day bed and trundle that a girl ever saw. i found one online at that i l....o....v....e, so i am going there today to see if we can order it. oh...the most important part of this story is that we were not going to be able to get it for her, except for a very sweet, and generous granna and grandaddy offered to get her a bed for her birthday!! so they are getting the bed and we are getting the trundle and i could not be more excited about it.

and chase...he's chase!! i think he is the happiest kid on the planet (unless he is tired or hungry...and then you would think he was possessed). he is at school right now...charming his way out of doing his "cutting with scissors". he hates cutting...and his teacher loves him so that she just lets him skip it. that's chase. and he won that battle without even knowing he was fighting it. he has baseball practice tonight where he will work on his crowd pleasing skills. like running out of the dugout to bat and waving at everyone in the crowd and then after he hits it...waving to the crowd again before he starts running. i mean, getting to first on time is over rated. colton, however believes that every one of his games is a tryout for the majors. every time chase bats...everyone turns around and tells me the same thing..."he's gonna be an entertainer for sure!!" he's entertaining all right. let it be said that those dimples had me at first sight when he was about 15 minutes old. i was his first fan.

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I enjoyed the update....sounds like everything is going great.(I'd have let him stay home from the field trip, too....
gramma sue