Friday, April 24, 2009

modesty at 3

the story is about aiden and her modesty at old navy the other day. lately, i have been finding cuter tops in the little girl's department than in the toddler's department. the problem here is that aiden is just turning she is technically wearing a 4T or a 5T. however...sometimes i get lucky and an xs from the girl's fits her. i wanted to try an extremely cute, 4th of julyish top on her to see if this would be one of the times where we got lucky. we were all the way in the back of the store; there was no one around; and the dressing rooms were all the way on the other side of the store. so, being that she is only 3, i said..."come here and let me slip this on you really fast to see if it fits." i took her top off of her, exposing her torso to no one but the clothes racks and she covered herself up and said, " one wants to see this."


Heather Wooten said...

Oh my where did she hear that....! We are so in trouble with girls! Now you will have one more self-esteem to foster (it is an impossible job)!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile I'm at the zoo with our 6 year old and his pants keep dropping to his knees...and he just laughs and doesn't seem to mind a bit. - cc

m.c. said...

chad. may i ask the simple question...why are you reading blogs while in charge of kindergarteners at the zoo???? just wondering, my love. :)