Sunday, December 20, 2009

10 years

i can not believe that we have been married 10 years. this post comes to you a bit late...but not a bit forgotten. november 27th was the day. in the early days, we talked about going to hawaii for our 10 year anniversary. we didn't do that. somehow i think that puddin wouldn't have appreciated having her food source removed from her to be gallivanting on a beach somewhere. i don't think she really cared that it was our 10 year anniversary. we, instead went to see the blind side at a shady, but well priced movie theater and made the annual trip to target to get our ornament that signifies the year for us. we got a frame to hang on the tree and took a picture of ourselves holding up the number 10. however the frame is hanging...smack dab on the front of the tree without a picture in it because i have not had time to get it developed. but, that's beside the point. i am very glad that on year one...when i was 8 months pregnant with colton, we started the anniversary ornament tradition. they are kept in a separate box and 2 years ago i wrote down on a piece of paper which ornament went with which year and why we chose that particular one so that we would remember. last year's ornament was "hope" because we were really hoping to have a baby girl before the next christmas. this was a pretty tall order because i was not pregnant and we had been trying for like a year. well, you can imagine the tears when i pulled that ornament out this year and remembered why we got it as i looked at sweet annslee james being rocked in the rocking chair by granna. boy...was that a thank you so much Lord moment. about a week later, we were sitting at the dinner table and telling the kids the story of how daddy and mommy met in clemson at a superbowl party that the church put on every year. chase was particularly interested in this story and sat up and asked, "um mommy...when you met daddy...did you go up to him and say, "do you want to have kids together?" i laughed and thought, "that'd be a way to scare a guy off!!"

for family movie night, last friday night we watched our wedding video with the kids. they had never seen it. while watching the ceremony:

colton: i was just in you tummy then!

aiden: oh...i know where we were during your wedding!! we were at granna's!

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Anonymous said...

I remember your wedding. What a beautiful ceremony...most of all I remember at the end when you and Chad came out and he talked to all the guests in the church. In the middle of thanking everyone for coming he looked at you and said "you are so beautiful!!" ahhhhhhh happy 10 years!!