Saturday, December 26, 2009


this post is coming to you from my brand new, red, cutie cute cute netbook laptop. chad really surprised me this year and brought out the big guns! i had whimsically wished for a laptop...not thinking that it would really happen. let me be honest...between aiden, chase, jumpstart world and a baby, i checked my e-mail once a week...if i was lucky. and then, the computer ran so slow that i would have time to sift through 1/4 of them before i had to get up and call it quits. if someone needed me...they were just going to have to call. and facebook or blogging...forget about it. well...not anymore! now...this little pretty can sit right next to the rocker in the living room or even go to the bathroom with me. (okay...i probably won't do that very often, although it is about the only quiet time i have all day.)

this was definitely an e-christmas. we had huge, flat screen plasma tv's, cameras, laptops, bluerays, and ds'a flying around everywhere. just the sight of it was enough to humble one. it really is strange to watch my 4 year old walk around with her very own pinky pink ds with her princess and the frog game talking about needing the charger to charge the battery. shouldn't she be playing with a susie talks alot or something? certainly not walking around with charger cords and electronics. however, she out works me on a computer, so what should i expect? i was thinking this year about how when i was little, the BIG presents were the good ones...the ones we looked longingly at and shook everyday until we could finally rip into them on christmas morning. is rare to have a BIG one under the tree. the little ones are gawked at now. cell phones, a ds, or jewelry. i was thinking this thought on christmas eve as i was surveying the magic of the living room before it looked like a red and green wrapped bomb went off. then...what do you know...on christmas parents prooved me wrong when they brought in the 46 inch flat screen for our living room. my eyes got just as big as the tv and i thought, "nope........the biggest ones are still the best!"

on a side note: yesterday we had the rule that they could play whatever they wanted for as long as they wanted. (as in, no time limits on their new electronics.) as i sit here playing on my new computer i wonder...can that rule apply to me as well?

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