Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reason # 248

This is documenting reason # 248 why homeschooling Chase would never work.  I am currently sitting across the kitchen table from Chase, pleading that he write his 2 page research paper on Harry Houdini...a topic he chose himself.  All he has to do is copy what we have typed out together onto his lined paper that he was given for the report.  Let it be stated here...that in an attempt to keep Annslee quiet and entertained, I have given her miniature marshmallows to eat in her highchair.  I just looked up at her to discover that she has torn them all into tiny pieces and thrown them all over the floor and stuck them all over her face and arms and chair and hair.  I was not aware that these teeny marshmallows could be made teenier, and also stickier...nor that she was able to do this.  Well, they can and she is.  Now she is done and is screaming to get down. 

Anyhow, Chase had been sitting here for going on an hour; only had the title written, and was coming up with every whining reason why he certifiably COULD NOT write this report.  First he had a headache..."on this side" he said, pointing to his left temple.  Then he was cold.  Then he was tired. Then he said it would take 5 hours.  (He used that one several times and I always found it somewhat amusing the way he dragged out the word hoooouuuuuuuurrrrrrrsss.) Then his foot hurt.  Then his...and I quote..."ear had something stuck in it."

I finally said that if he didn't start writing, I was going to call his teacher and tell her that he was refusing to do the assignment.  He whined, "Noooooooooooo."  

That must have made some impact, because he wrote one whole sentence before he could no longer continue because Annslee was "bothering him" with her marshmallow game.  Finally, I sat down and asked him if it would help if I read it to him while he wrote.  He is now taking a break after writing the title and 4 complete sentences.  Only 19 more to go. What are the odds that we will get this thing completed before one, or both of us completely drop our basket...him crying and stating that I am, indeed the worstest Mom in the world or me making threats about him being grounded till his next birthday?

Any bets?

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Shannon said...

Okay - so, Colton and Silas are alike - and now I find out Chase and Luke are alike??? :) I cannot tell you the daily struggle homework is in our house - however, I have given up on it. Basically, if he reads every day, I am counting it a win. no kidding. spelling, be darned. And particularly a win if he reads something OTHER than Captain Underpants! :)