Tuesday, March 01, 2011

truth vs. lies at the age of 5

* chad and colton were at baseball practice...so this conversation was between aiden, chase, annslee, and myself at the dinner table last night and is written exactly as it took place.

aiden (very matter of fact, in between bites): "i'm gonna have to sleep with you and dad tonight."

me: "you are??"

aiden:  "yes."

me:  "why's that?"

aiden:  "because today, dylan told me that bloody mary was coming after me tonight."

me (nearly choking on my toast):  "WHAT????"

aiden:  "he said that bloody mary was coming after me tonight."

(i wish i could accurately convey the way she was telling me this news.  ever since my grandpa died, she has been un-characteristically scared.  she is obsessed with making sure the doors are locked, and always talking about strangers stealing kids, etc.  we are doing our best to comfort her and make her feel secure, but she is handling things in her own way and i can see her coming to terms with truths about life and death and the very true fact that this world is not as magical as we once all thought.  sad, i know. so...as she was telling me about why she must sleep with us, it was like, "this is what is going to happen...and i've come to terms with it...and this is what i've decided we are going to do about it."

me:  "aiden...i'm so sorry he said that to you.  that is a story that someone made up a loooonnnng time ago...just to try to scare kids.  i remember someone telling me that story when i was little, and it is NOT TRUE!!  don't listen to stuff like that.  the minute someone starts talking about stuff like that, you put your finger up in front of their face and firmly say, "that is not true and i will not allow you to try and scare me with lies."   and then, walk away.

aiden:  "ok."

me:  "you can sleep with mommy and daddy tonight."

aiden:  "thanks mom."

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