Sunday, March 06, 2011


chase is currently asleep on the living room full indiana jones costume.  from the looks of it...he fell asleep mid-holy grail hunting.  chad is asleep on the couch...with one leg hanging off to the floor and snoring every so often.  mmmm...what's not to want about that guy!!  :) colt is watching ESPN and asking me to scratch his back.  annslee is snuggled up and fast asleep.  and sissy aiden...the sweetest, sugariest plum there ever was and is and ever will at her very first sleepover with a friend.  she has had friends sleepover at our house before (only 3 times) and she has stayed at my parents (3,000 times)...but never has she spent the night at a friend's house.  it's a right of passage, of sorts.  and she was ready.  i packed her favorite gown, her favorite pillow, her favorite doll, her favorite tink (blankie), her favorite hershey (bear), and her sleeping bag.  i took a picture of her with her bestest friend and kissed her goodbye.  she didn't even act like she was going to miss me.  what's up with that?  she's independent...that one.


and i'm glad.

sleepovers.  quite possibly one of the best things ever invented.


meredith said...

so incredibly adorable!

what I wouldn't give to see the pictures of chad & chase passed out from saturday fun. ;)

m.c. said...

oh believe me, meredith......i thought about it. it was quite the sight!!

ami said...

I'm ready for a Clarkson/ Randazzo sleepover, which includes sandy kids from the beach and Chad making pancakes in the morning!
Do you realize whenever this does happen again there will be eight children involved???
We've gone mad! :)