Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a small town girl...

Aiden sings Don't Stop Believin...by Journey a lot.  I listen to her in the bath tub...in her room...in the car...and as she meanders around the house.  She quietly sings to herself in perfect melody.  Sometimes she struggles with some of the words.  Sometimes she is not exactly sure which phrase goes next.  Sometimes she just loops back around like this...

"Just a small town girl...livin in a lonely world.  she took the midnight train goin anywhere.  Just a city boy...livin in a lonely world..."

The other day, I helped the girl out.  I said,

"The next line is...Just a city boy...born and raised in south Detroit.  He took the midnight train goin anywhere."

She listened quietly as I sang her the right words and I just knew she was impressed by my knowledge for the song AND my singing as she was deep in thought...pondering for a minute and then asking...

"Mom?  So the boy took the midnight train too?"

Yes.  Yes he did.

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