Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day Without Rain

Yesterday, it threatened rain all day.  But alas...there was none.  I think it may have rained everywhere except for our little, stifling, shriveled up street.  You know that cartoon...the one where the black, rain cloud is following someone around and it is only above them and everywhere else is all sunny and fluffy clouded?'s sorta the opposite of that.  I finally broke down and took them outside.  2 out of 4 love to be outside.  That's a pretty good stat, I guess.  I mean...Chase hates it when the elements are less than superb, and Aiden has issues with sweat, I think.  They both prefer to stay indoors, unless there is a pool involved.  and even still...Chase sometimes squawks.  Annslee, however...would be outside all the time if I let her.  She is happiest when she is warm, barefoot and covered with light, brown dirt streaks that are mixed with a little bit of sweat.  Her cheeks get pink and her feet turn dark gray...but the girl is happy.

She has no problem drinkin all my water, either.

But really?  Who could say no to that face?

A summer tradition for us girls...

The rain clouds promised a cool, refreshing fall.  But it never fell on us.

So instead, we played possum.

And I colored her a flower.  Then I told her she was pretty as one.

We watched the boy shoot baskets and I thought I'd see if I still had it.

 I didn't.

She rode her sister's bike.  Well...sort of.  She kind of amazed me with her balance and BMX style.  This girl ain't scared of nothin.

Especially this little lover.

Which she thought was for her.  We had to pry the thing out of her hands.  She stood at the door and cried when the sweet pup had to go home.  I think she needs one for herself.

Chase invited his friend over for dinner... the sweetest way.  He walked the letter over to her house and gave it to her dad.  I just about melt when I witness things like this.  Being a part of these kids is just the bee's knees.

And then wouldn't you know it rained.  And I got to wear these new pretties.  I wouldn't normally buy them, but we are leaving for Wolf Creek Ranch, Colorado on Monday...and I'm pretty sure I will get good use out of them.  When I'm not wearin my cowgirl boots, that is.  After all..........
........I have a date with a horse.

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Steve Wright said...

Love the photo with the beer glass. Get em started early!

BJ's also has this great mix of their red and a berry cider, can't remember the name, but its tasty!