Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We are still making our mark here in Iowa

There have been many good times here in Iowa...as there always are. 

More important than the tangible times, are the lasting memories and growth that come from all of these amazingly, magical experiences that can sometimes only be visually captured by a photograph.  and that...my loves...is why I absolutely make you all crazy with all of my picture taking.


There have been relationships forever bonded...

aiden and aubree.  notice aiden's summer feather in her hair.  we love our feathers.

sister and brother-in-law (at what point do you just go ahead and drop the in-law?)

sawyer...our nephew that i rocked to sleep for a week when he was 10 days old when everyone else was at the hospital with his mommy.  he will never remember...but i will never forget.

our best friend's kids with ours...forming bonds doing what kids do best

best friends

my niece, ava's first slumber party.  she and chase fell asleep in my lap while watching annie. he's my frog prince and she's my little firefly.

chad with his best friends from high school at their 20th high school reunion

aiden and aubree.  what a picture of their age and friendship.  to me...this image is magical.

There have been fears overcome...

adventureland...rides were conquered by all.  even me!  on the space shot.  i screamed a little bit.

the silly cylo.

no thanks!!

climbing trees

holding her very own sparkler

the boom of fireworks

catching their very own fireflies.  no fear.


I decided to be brave and wear a summery, strapless frock and cowgirl boots to Chad's reunion.  I do love any excuse to rock the Miranda Lambert look.  The only problem with the whole look was that my hair turned green that day from chlorine.  I didn't know it until I took it down to get in the shower an hour before we left.  Everyone was in a tizzy, running and buying special shampoo to try to get it out.  My hair stayed green...but on the plus side, I had the cleanest hair there...after washing it 5 times.  We met a bunch of Chad's friends for drinks, went on to the party, and then followed up with a late night party at a dance club called Sticks.  As soon as we walked in, I thought...there is no way I will blend in with the tight jean, heel wearin chicks on the hip-hop dance floor.  But that thought was quickly followed by the "who really cares because I will never see these people again and I am here...rockin the kicks...and in the mood to dance" thought.  So...I did what any Texas girl would do...took a shot with my husband and my new pals and hit the floor.  Turns out...the Iowa folks really dig cowgirl boots just as much as I do (and green hair, I guess) A random guy even requested boot-scootin boogie for me.  Chad was impressed and I had fun.....and that's really all that matters, right?  :)

On Sunday afternoon, I witnessed my oldest son and oldest niece fall in love with women's soccer while watching the USA play Brazil in the world cup.  That was one, exciting, and memorable game.  Finally...my love for soccer became contagious...and the fact that we are all pretending to be Hope Solo in the backyard soccer game makes me both happy and proud.

Yesterday, we drove up to Steamboat Rock to pay Gramma Janice a visit.  She cooked us a big lunch of pot roast, potatoes, carrots, sweet corn, cucumbers, cottage cheese, coleslaw, and rolls.  Then, Chad's two aunts and his cousin Tammy came over with her 3 kids.  The boys caught small toads, which was right up Chase's ally.  I drove the trip so Chad could get some work done...which meant that I got to listen to my ipod and re-connect with my old friend, Dave Matthews.  Let's face facts.  Warehouse is one of the best songs ever. 

Tune in next time.  Who knows what you will find.  Probably...whatever I find.

Happy Summer, Y'all.

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Kiki said...

You have a beautiful family!