Thursday, December 01, 2011

happy birthday hissy fit

my girl's got manners.  she has this way about her...that just screams polyanna or anne of green gables.  sometimes she talks like she stepped right out of yesteryear.  and i say yesteryear...because i really have no idea what time period anne of green gables was set in.  but...nevertheless...her old school politeness makes my heart smile.

just now, i asked the girls if they were ready for lunch. (more on why aiden is home from school today, later.)  annslee nodded yes.  so, i started getting out the left overs from last night and informed them that i was going to heat up some mashed potatoes.

aiden quietly said, "i'm not felling that hungry right now.  i feel more thirsty than hungry."

i said, "would you like for me to get you a drink?  maybe some milk?"

she sweetly and modestly replied, "i would love some milk.  thank you."

this is not the way chad and i talk.  we are not even close to "proper."  and i can assure you that the boys and annslee have not taught her this.  so i must assume...

she is a self taught lady.


after an ER bill, a dog surgery bill, and an orthopedic bill...we had to resort to home cooked meals, crayon colored cards, and song and dance numbers set to the music of the 1st grade choir program for chad's birthday celebration.

annslee and i escaped to the store yesterday morning to get the ingredients for his "chipped beef and mashed potatoes" birthday dinner and "made from scratch" strawberry shortcake.  that trip went surprisingly i decided to stop on over at tj maxx to try and locate the souffle pan that target didn't have.  i thought, "i don't need the stroller...i'm just running in real fast...i'll carry her...she will be fine."


as soon as that child saw the purse section...she started flailing around, pointing, and acting like a raging lunatic until i let her go take a gander.  now...i love a good purse as well as the next person, but we just didn't have time.

luckily she spotted a juicy couture purse that was about as big as she was right off the bat.  so, i did what any mother who wants to avoid a knock-down-drag-out-tantrum in the middle of the store would do.  i let her carry it around on her shoulder while we shopped.

i had hung my keys in the pocket of my that i would have easy access to them when we left.  (let's face it...they could easily be snatched up by the little elves that live in my huge purse that sneakily move things around as i'm digging for them.) we are good.

annslee has her purse.

i have a non-screaming child.

and everybody can carry on.

they didn't have a souffle i ended up leaving that place with nothing.

as we got to the car...i reached down to get my keys from my pocket and they were gone.  i dug through my purse...cursing the purse elves.  and then i asked annlsee where my keys were.  (rhetorically, of course.)  that's when i remembered her trying like nobody's business to show me the paper stuffing in the purse while we were in the junior's jean section.  (it's absolutely none of your business why we were there when all i needed was a souffle pan...and how rude of you to question me, anyways.)  i just kept nodding and saying, "yeah...i see the paper in there."

i said, "annslee.  did you take mommy's keys?"

she nodded, "yes."

"are they in the store?"

she nods again.

"do you know where you put them?"


"show mommy."

we walk back in the store and that girl waddles straight to her friend, the purse, and digs out all of the paper stuffing.  she smiles and points and proudly says, "eeeeeeeeeys."

sure enough...there those suckers the bottom of the juicy.  to her defense...she had been trying to tell me all along.

and chad wonders why, when he is home, i want to leave her at home with him if i need to run a quick errand.  there ain't nothin quick when she's involved.


i put that experience behind me and got to work on the meal as soon as we got home.

by the time the potatoes were on the stove...the keys were a distant memory.

i wanted chad to come in to a peaceful home, filled with the smell of a home cooked meal, welcomed by children who's homework was done, and flickering candles.  i wanted him to set his briefcase down at the door, notice the clean house, and let the hugs from the kids melt his day away.  i wanted the celebration to start.

sadly...annslee broke a glass all over the kitchen floor seconds before he walked in.

just pay no attention to that.

only this.

and this.

and your pre-dinner entertainment.

they can sing...

aaaaaannnnnd dance.

after dinner, i put chad on bath duty so that i could clean up the kitchen.


aiden comes out, wrapped in a towel ,with a dripping cast.

chad said, "she didn't get it that wet...and i shot the hair drier in there and dried it out."


then why is it dripping?

after about a half hour of this...

we realized that it wasn't gonna dry.

so...first thing this morning, we called up the doctor and they rushed us in while informing me that i should have taken her to the emergency room to have them remove the cast last night because it is essentially killing her skin and that they needed to get it off of her right now.


of course.

mother of the year award goes to "this guy." (pointing to self)

we were in such a rush that i had to take sister friend with us.


so...that's why she is home today.


this has pretty much been  aj...

all day.

her shirt is just so appropriate.

"i feel a hissy fit coming on."

and poor trout.

he resorts to hiding under one of the trees to escape.

i know.  cause i found him eating it.


ok.  i will leave you now.  i have some coloring to do with my girl.

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