Friday, December 16, 2011


i can't tell you how extremely busy i have been...making december happen, just as i'm sure you all are as well.  but, what i can tell you is that this girl caught the cold and spent the day on the couch and that boo radley spent the day doing his best to comfort her.

they watched a multitude of sprout cartoons together and i got things done around the house.

i can also tell you that this sweet girl has decided that she no longer needs to sleep.  she is throwing full-blown tantrums at nap AND bedtime and it's enough to make me want to pull every hair on my head out one by one.

she has also decided that she does not need to ride in a stroller while we are out christmas shopping at places like hobby lobby, barnes and noble, and the galleria.  so...that means most of my time is spent chasing her and taking things out of her hands instead of actually getting anything accomplished.  and...if i insist on her riding in the stroller...she screams and yells and flails to the point that it's easier to just let her walk.  she refuses to hold my hand in the parking lots and  also refuses to sit in her car seat without a massive, man-handling war.

it makes me tired.  i've said since she was born that "she makes me work."

but you know what...

she is totally worth it.


i got my craft on and busted out these beauties for the kid's teachers.

oh yeah.  i went there.  showin off my craftastic.  in hind site...i would have started it way earlier.  i mean...the day before makes things a bit stressful on the crafting front.

i hit the kid's class parties.  would you believe that all 3 of them fell back to back, each over lapping 15 minutes?  i only had 1 snafu and that was that i totally forgot the veggie tray and dip that i was in charge of for aiden's party.  so, i called chad and begged.  he came through and busted it on up there in plenty of time.  and would you even believe that those vegetables didn't just go flyin off the tray?  why are we taking vegetables to a 1st grade christmas party, anyway.  total waste of time and money.

today was polar express day.  they got to wear their pj's to school and watch the polar express.  this made my job very easy this morning.  aiden was thrilled to roll on out of bed and wear her pajamas to school.  all we had to do was hair.  she even had her friend spend the night and roll out of bed with her.

chad is picking them up as we speak and our holiday is officially beginning.  on tap for tonight........

santa claus, the chocolate bar, and christmas lights.

now...that's merriment. 


Susanne said...

Hang in there, my little sounds IDENTICAL to your little though he is a boy and prefers cars to cats! He literally has pulled every trick your little has up her sleeve and more. I used to count his tantrums so someone would believe me when they got home for the day. The refusal to ride in strollers, car seat battles, grocery cart battles, the ripping of items out of hands at any store, the refusal to hold hands....ahhhh, yes. I can tell you he is leaps and bounds better with age (just turned 3), and my hair is finally beginning to grow back, though much like the boobs I remember it being fuller??? Love to you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am totally with you as well; Charlie Grace is the most stubborn child and I am sure you take this all with much more grace than I! Praying they outgrow it together!