Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the park and the gingerbread house

i really wish that i enjoyed going to the park.  i just don't.  it's not that i absolutely hate it...i just don't find myself wanting to go exactly.  i can't really put my finger on why.  it may have to do with the fact that i used to be too wrapped up in worrying about the germs on the equipment to enjoy myself...or it may be that i don't like to run around, playing and i feel guilty if i'm just sitting on a bench watching.  i'm usually not a lazy person...but the park makes me feel lazy.  maybe that's why i don't like it.

the point is...chad suggested that we go to the park the other day and i just couldn't stand the thought of being left out.

so i went.

the kids and i walked...and chad rode the bike and let trout run behind him on the leash.

it was trout's first trip to the park.

chad suggested that we let him off his leash to run a little.


he immediately found a candy bar and all of us ended up looking like idiots...chasing him all over the place...trying to catch him before he swallowed it.

at some point, chad yelled..."we are not paying to remove whatever that is from his stomach if he swallows it!!"

we finally caught him and fished the full chocolate bar out of his mouth.  gross.

after that...he went back on his leash for the duration.

i sat on the bench and kept trout out of trouble.  that was a win-win.  i got to just sit on the bench, but actually have a good reason to do so.  it had nothing to do with laziness.

i was also all-time base for the hide and seek game.

that means...i got to count with the seeker.

again...look at me not being lazy.

i love this picture.  somehow...the sun caught her dark blue eyes and turned them this vampire shade of amber.

chase took his job as counter very seriously.

meanwhile...annslee found someone to stalk.

she followed her around everywhere.

i can totally hear what she is thinking here.

"you two look like you have a good thing goin...do you need a third?  cuz...between you and me...these folks that i am with???  well...they are all nut jobs."

she actually followed them to their car in the parking lot.

i'm gonna try to not take that personally.

trout and boo radley are getting along quite nicely. (that's his name right now.  however i'm trying to convince the kids to name him something like mozart...or mr. tumnus...or after a famous author.)  actually, i'll just be glad if chad stops calling him "that cat."

honey made this little dress for me when i was little.  mom found the perfect, little peter paned collared onsie to go under it.

i love taking pictures of this one while she's not looking.  she reminds me of a storybook character...like alice in wonderland or sleeping beauty or something.  she has that gentle/graceful thing going that all of those storybook girls possess.

one of these things does not belong here...

(i really just sang that in my head...like the clip from sesame street from the old days...)

just 30 minutes ago...the whole thing hit the floor.  no joke.  at least it's not the big one.


the elves have been a little boring lately.  i kept forgetting to move them...so i had to make up some story about how they are just so warm in their stockings that they just wanted to stay there for a while and rest.

plus...chase's elf, houdini, split his pants doing somersaults out of the tree and needed to be sewn up.

i finally got that done.

and i finally remembered to get some super glue for the ornaments that have been in "ornament triage" for the last several years.

the gingerbread house actually got done without any tantrums or arguing.

so...that was a plus.

and mr. big man was so sweet to help his baby sister.

he might as well be the pied-piper, as far as she's concerned.

she looks at him with stars in her eyes every time he looks her way.

i'm well aware that i am entirely too old to be wearing anything from aeropostal.  let me explain.  i was shopping for my 5th grade niece in there and found these sweats for 12 bucks.  plus they fit really good.  so...i convinced myself that, since 30 is the new 20...then i am only...like...27, which is a totally acceptable age to be still be wearing the tweeny, teeny brand.  so there.  don't judge me.

look at these faces.


annslee insists on bubbles.  every night.

hey annslee...you got a little sumpin in your eye there girl.


and there's nothin like a gingerbread house to get the elves hoppin.

i wonder how many days they will be there?  surely this is good placement for a while.

and what is it with these people who do these elaborate elf mischief spectacles every night?  like...getting smearing toothpaste everywhere...or icing...or glitter?


it is very clear to me that any elf that lives in our house is gonna have to fall in line.  and if they add more work for me...

they are out on their cans.

i don't care if they are from the north pole.

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