Friday, February 24, 2012


"go texan day is, like, my favorite day of the year," i told my dad on the phone this morning.  his reply was one that only my dad would give me.

"no it's not.  you have way too many favorite days of the year. patrick's day...etc. etc. etc.  i wish i had as many favorite days as you."'s ONE of my favorite days of the year, anyway.  and it's really up there too.  it's favoriteness is elevated substantially due to me loving it so much as a kid.  and...the fact that i now better understand it's purpose of welcoming the trail riders for the kick off of the houston livestock show and rodeo...well that just makes it even better.  plus...there are horses.

and we all know how i feel about those things.

if i knew how to link things into the post...this would be when i link an old blog post from, like 4 years ago, about how i am still bitter about the fact that i never won rodeo art in elementary school.  and don't get me started on the fact that they don't do rodeo art anymore.

it's a cryin' shame.

that's why, this year, we are having our own rodeo art contest with our family and some friends.

this is my year.

i can feel it.

sister can rock the cowgirl thing.

i don't want to look "in costume" or anything.  going texan is NOT a costume.  going texan is just using plain, good fashion sense.

and behind every cute cowgirl is a rugged cowboy.

now...i love me a man in a hat.

and a black cowboy hat...

with a dimple!!!!!  don't even try to tell me that ain't adorable.

in honor of what should obviously be a NATIONAL holiday...i photographed my grandpa's boots.

they sit atop my closet shelf and only make an appearance when i drag chad to a country bar or the rodeo.  but when he wears those boots...

it's fair to say that he gets nothin but lucky.

did i mention that i love a man in boots too?

mine are worn, slap out from being worn on one-too-many crowded, sawdust and dirt covered floors wear they have been stepped on as much as danced in...but they make me veeeeerrrry happy.

and don't think that just because a kid isn't in school that they miss out on the fun.

she looks like she waltzed right in off the prairie.

all we are missin' round here is the horse.  i think we should have 6.  everyone needs their own.

how can i make that happen?

and another thing i'm wondering today is...

if i get a horse in the next...say...week; and start training in the next...saaaaayyyyy...month; would i make it as a barrel racer before the rodeo next year?

i know what you're thinking and quite frankly...i'm appalled.

what ever happen to...

"you can do anything you set your mind to?"

i, for one, BELIEVE.

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