Thursday, February 02, 2012

growing pains, book nooks, and grandparents

chase has been in bed for the last 3 hours.  i thought he was asleep.  i suppose he heard colton come in from basketball practice a little bit ago and decided that it would be his best shot at getting downstairs.  he obviously needed a worthy excuse, though.  i'm not sure how long it took him to come up with this one...but he walked into the kitchen, where i was talking to my dad and colt and said,

" growing pains are hurting."

that got him a laugh...and a trip to my bed for the remainder of the night.

i reward the use of the imagination; ingenuity; and humor.

however, before he skedaddled...

he looked at me real serious, showed me his face, and said,

"any whiskers i got?"

i rubbed his soft, smooth face and said,

"not yet."


speaking of whiskers...

where's waldo?

this is how he fell asleep next to me the other night.

yesterday morning...i was a woman on a mission.

i decided that i needed to turn the playroom closet into a book nook.

i got the idea from a little antique shop that i like to go to that has one for children and then saw some examples of closets turned into book nooks on pinterest.  i still need to paint the walls...but for using what we already had and not spending a penny on it...i'm pretty satisfied.

i started clearing out the jam packed closet as soon as i got the kids off to school yesterday...and had it finished by the time i picked them up.  annslee totally helped.

all of them were really excited about it...but aiden has spent nearly every minute that she has been home over the last 2 days tucked in there with a book.

the only problem was surveying the damage after i had cleared out the closet.  we had toy instruments...swords...balls...dress up shoes...wigs...boxing gloves...hats...feather boas...purses...and countless other articles of clothing and accessories needed to turn a little boy or girl into just about anything that their hearts could ever think about desiring.

all i can say is...

never underestimate the power of a woman with a vision.

i finished just in time to head to the victory lakes jr. high school parent meeting last night.

we have pretty much landed on homeschooling colton through the jr. high years, which i am both excited for and also have a complete peace about.  but...i thought that i should still go...

i nearly had a panic attack just walking into a jr. high.

not my best memories.


i like to call this...

"hey annslee.  did you eat some chocolate?"

we wrapped up tonight with books and grandparents.

my dad came to take colt to basketball practice and honey is spending a couple of days with us.

and i just love that.

honey is going to be 91 on tuesday.

i think she deserves a celebration.

don't you?

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