Thursday, February 23, 2012

it's thursday around here

look out, folks.  i've got my healthy on.

along the same lines...if you are a fan of ranch (we eat ranch dressing on everything round these parts) then you must try this.

i've sited pinterest so many times...even i am sick of hearing about it, so...i'm abiding by the rule that if you reference someone or something 3 can stop referencing and take credit yourself.

i'm aware that i made up this rule myself.

and i'm ok with it. add a package of ranch dressing seasoning to a tub of plain greek yogurt and you have a much healthier alternative that tastes exactly the same.

i faked my own kids out.

and if i can do that...

than anything is possible.


every muscle in my body is sore.  i'm pretty sure that after my pilates class tomorrow, even my eye balls will be sore.

my friend invited me to try out a class with her because i was blabbling on about how i'm sick of being squishy and she said that i was a perfect candidate for pilates.  she has apparently been doing it for 4 years and somehow thought it would be a good idea for me to come along with her to try it out.

i was scared.  what the heck are those little purple balls for, anyway?

the last time i worked out...(12+ years ago)...there were no little, purple, squashy balls involved.

i quickly found out.

and my arms have been feeling the wrath of those little, purple, squashy balls all day long.  at one point...i think i told those little, purple, squashy balls to "bite me."

i'm going back tomorrow.

i refuse to let those little, purple, squashy balls get the best of my arms.


today, the sweet pea had her bestest friend over after school.

i had the brilliant idea to let them help me make dinner.

i'm sure it tasted great.

i wouldn't know.  because so much of it got dropped on the floor, or stirred with their hands...i didn't really eat much of it.

i'm telling you what.  these kids can completely have their way with a kitchen faster than annslee can decide to throw a tantrum.

and...that's fast.


chad has decided that he is going to read a psalm every night at dinner.

we don't do a great job reading the bible with the kids.  well...let's just go ahead and be honest...i am sucking at reading the bible, in general.  but...i'm loving this whole psalm-at-dinner thing.

so...he was reading psalm 2 last night ('ve been doing it for 4 nights now and we have forgotten 2 out of the 4...but that's not really the point of the story) and something brought up the fact that in the bible, it says that mary rode into bethlahem on a jackass.  i'm gonna go ahead and chalk that up to having 2 upper elementary aged boys.  none-the-less...we explained that, that was what a donkey is called sometimes and that it isn't a bad word when talking about an actual donkey...but that you shouldn't really use that terminology because it just isn't necessary.  everyone seemed to understand.  but a little while later...aiden, seriously asked,

"so...every donkey's name is jack then?"

why must they always ask questions that are impossible to answer?

and then...


being chase...

announces, very matter-of-factly to the room,

"tomorrow night...i'm going night surfing."


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