Saturday, June 09, 2012

a fairy hunt sleepover

with everything going on to close out this school year...the girl's birthday party got put on hold.  the hold was way longer than i had hoped...due to having concrete poured in our backyard to extend the patio.  but...even if her celebration with her friends was gonna have to wait until 3 weeks after her actual was gonna happen.

she wanted her first slumber party.

i had flashback visions of huddled groups of girls walking around the of us carrying the jam box; talk of paying a boy's house a visit; wrapping houses; and watching Girl's Just Want to Have Fun over and over again.  but this was not what she had in mind.

together, we decided on a fairy hunt sleepover.

this one was thrown together in 1 day...and ended up being one of my favorites.

it was just simple.  and had that not-too-planned magic to it.

it's often that the things that are thrown together at the last minute, end up being the most memorable and fun.  that's what happened in this case.

they made their own fairy dust...

had their own fairy wands...

got their faces painted...

and had roasted hot dogs, and fire-pit s'mores.

we didn't get crazy with the numbers...which was helpful

they used their glow stick fairy wands for microphones.  i think that was very ingenious of them.

the sisters performed their own rendition of "tennessee flat top box."

since it was so "girly"...we really didn't have trouble keeping the boys out of their hair.  they came out for the fire-pit and s'mores, of course.

and they helped hide the fairies for the fairy hunt.  (there is still one that we can't find.)

someone has taught this muffin how to hold a flashlight.  i love it.

we played a very serious game of truth or dare...

and then had a patio, glow stick, dance party.  strobe lights and disco balls are cool...but they ain't got nothin' on fairy wand glow sticks.

chad couldn't tell the darlin's "no" when they begged him to set the tent up inside so they could watch Camp Rock and have popcorn and sleep in the tent.

and if your wondering if flicka could hang with the big girls...


fun and celebration will never be lost on our party girl.  and you just have-ta love that fact.


Happy 7th Birthday Party, Sugar Plum.

thank you and your friends for being so sweet to your little sister and letting her hang with y'all.

what a pleasure it was to watch your magic.

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