Friday, June 15, 2012

welcome home campers

the 3 oldest kids have been at "camp gran" all week.  chad was in atlanta most of the time...leaving me and flicka to fend for ourselves.

luckily...flicka knows just how to have a good time.

she scored a ride on her "hi-yo" with UK at the boardwalk.

i'm of the opinion that if you have the option to get your face might as well just go ahead and do it.

when i told her about a unicorn...i imagine her thoughts went something like this:

"are you telling me that there is such a thing as a MAGICAL hi-yo???"

"i'll take it."

and whether or not to ride the hi-yo again or take the balloon ride was a tough decision.

and one that she ultimately regretted.

i heard about it the rest of the afternoon.

and some the next day.

"me.  hi-yo.  now."

we swung an invite to the pool one afternoon.

where we got to reunite with our people.

chad finally got home last night.  he took us to do a little shopping and then to eat italian.

we go pick the kids up this afternoon.  and i can tell you one much as she likes her attention...she is anxiously awaiting their return.

and so am i.  it's time the ducks are back in a line.

and as much as i should have enjoyed this quiet week...i've realized something about myself:

if i'm home...

i want everyone else to be also.

i don't do quiet very well.

and i'm ok with that.

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