Monday, June 11, 2012

summer is full effect

summer is in full effect.

it always takes a good week to get into the groove of a new schedule.  we all slept away the whole morning of every day last week...which was fine with me.  even flicka wouldn't call for me until around 10.  we were tired.  and for good reason.  there was a lot of hoopla going on those last couple of weeks of school.

on one particular errand to our favorite hobby lobby...big baby lost her shoes.  this is how i found them.  try as she might...sister just couldn't get those shoes back on her friend.  she tried for a good, long while though.

and that very day, she rewarded herself for her servant's heart with a slow dance with elmo.

we nearly did not get out of the store without that monstrosity.

and with my fear of balloons in full friend, c.w. had to come to the rescue.  we told annslee that elmo needed to head on over to the punch bowl...where the other boys are standing around, talking about how they're gonna spike the cool-aide without getting caught by the principal or chaperone's.  (that may or may not have been a scene from back to the future.)

when she couldn't find her sunglasses...

we improvised.  i think they look nice.

bright yellow is all the rage.

remember my shoes??

we have eaten out.  a lot.  and i'm really o.k. with it.  summer days don't scream, "get in the kitchen and cook at 5:00 when you just happen to be in a pool somewhere."

after one of our dinner outings, we went to see the shuttle replica that was recently delivered to NASA.  i'm not gonna lie.  we were robbed.  we should have had one of the real ones.  i don't know who is running the show with this...and i'm not gonna pretend that i'm gonna figure it out and start protesting and stuff...

but there are way too many of us that have grown up here, by NASA, who were personally affected by the shuttle program beyond just watching launches on TV.  my next door neighbor, through my entire childhood, was an astronaut.  but to me...he was just mr. gregory, who would let us swim in their pool!  he flew in the challenger.  being around astronauts and their families was as natural to us as breathing and we have all been affected throughout the years by the shuttles and their brave occupants.  the people who flew them and worked among them live here, for crying out loud.  one of my good, childhood friends lost her father in the challenger that january day and she and her family still live here.  to be honest...i can't think of a place that deserves one more than  johnson's space center.


this one will have to do.

and it is a pretty awesome sight...none-the-less.

my dad decided to buy me a pair of good cowgirl boots.  i think he felt bad that i was trying to barrel race in a pair of $19.99 specials that were missing a sole.

these are real beauties.

we took a family outing to academy.

boy could my family spend hours in this place.  each of us in our own little area of expertise.

chase really doesn't have an area here.  so...check out where i found him:

i rounded the corner to meet chad at the checkout...and in the front of the store is a female mannequin wearing tight workout clothes.

chase was standing directly in front of it...facing it...with both of his hands up it's shirt...cupping both boobs.

when i came upon the scene...i whisper screamed..."CHASE!!!! STOP IT!!!!"

colton had totally put him up to it and was standing next to him, and they were both giggling to high heaven.

everyone who was entering the joint was watching me grab at his arms to rip them out from under the mannequin's shirt...trying to stifle their laughter.

we got out of that place as quickly as possible.

cue the "never listen to your brother in public" speech.


so...this week, the 3 oldest are at camp gran.  that's where they stay at my parent's house and go to bible school every day.  somehow, flicka scored herself an invite last night...and i picked her up this morning.  it's gonna be a quiet week around these parts.

happy summer.

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