Saturday, September 15, 2012

happy saturday

i've got 5 kids here...4 mine...1, a friend...and the blind side on TV.
i love this movie.
i love everything about it.
my daughters start gymnastics this week.
and it's a good thing.
because this one is swinging off of everything in the house.
i'm thinking she's gonna love the bars.

she is playing with her "i spy" bottle that we made at pre-school.  i highly recommend the "i-spy" bottle.  this particular one goes with the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear...What do you See?
you print and cut out and then laminate the animals from the book.  fill a water bottle with rice and then add the animal prints.  boom.  "i spy a brown bear."
you can print out the color sheets for them to color when they "spy" it as well.

she picked her own clothes for pre-school this particular day.  it's my dress from when i was little...and her apron. worked.

especially since we were making homemade applesauce in class.
we were learning about apples and grandparents this week.
our book was Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie.
on thursday, we invited our grandparents to the class room to enjoy apple pie with us.

chad stopped at a garage sale this morning and picked up this bike for flicka.
she was super thrilled about it.

and saturday means football.  we got to watch the big man play.
these sisters cheer on their big brothers from the sidelines.
and get really dirty in the process.

one cinderella high heel; one ballet slipper; a set of pom-poms...
and we're in business.

and lastly...
you never know when you'll round the corner and find indiana jones...
hard on the case.

happy saturday.

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