Wednesday, September 26, 2012

breaks for breathing

today, i will take full advantage of the break in our week that is wednesday.  wednesday has become my weekend.  it's become my calming breath in the middle of all of my sprint gasps.  literally.  i did a bunch of sprints last night at soccer i feel like i can say that honestly.
our schedule this fall is the busiest we have ever had...and you add on top of that chad being out of town again...(this time, manhatten.  no fair.  that's like one of my favorite places on earth.)...and colt playing football...and the girls starting gymnastics...and you have the everybody-hurry-up-grab-your-shoes-grab-your-homework-grab-your-lunch-or-snack-or-dinner-and-get-in-the-car-cause-we-are-late-for-wherever-we-are-currently-supposed-to-be.  again.  and you all know what a house looks like when that is the case, day after day.  even a loved and cared for house.
home school has shot business into a different hemisphere.  teaching preschool for our home school co-op has shot it into the next stratosphere. (that's bigger, right?)
but on wednesdays...annslee is at granna and grandaddy's house for the day.  and after i get chase and aiden off to school, it's just me and colt.  we can sleep in a little.  we can do school with minimal interruption.  we don't have to rush out the door to be at co-op.  i don't have to teach anybody but him.  i can actually meet a friend for lunch...or make dinner for a friend who happened to break her ankle in our soccer game friday night.  i can blog.  i can put away the laundry and mop the floors or bathe the dog.  i can breathe.
not that i don't love my days teaching these guys...
but sometimes...when you're that makes it harder to enjoy the magical moments that can be found while watching two little girls chasing birds at a park;

and sharing a pad of lip gloss.

wednesdays are good.
breaks are good.
today...i am teaching colton how to write a short story...using plot and his favorite iowa state basketball jersey; lighting a pumpkin spiced candle; skimming pinterest for the best comfort food recipes for a broken ankle; giving the dog a much needed bath; dusting our furniture for the first time in 2 months; and baking something fall-ish.
i'm enjoying the break in the week...before co-op, and teaching preschool, and football practice, and spelling homework, and thursday book reports take over tomorrow.
and i'm breathing.
and very good.'s necessary.

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