Tuesday, September 18, 2012

relaxation...at it's finest

you wanna know what is suuuuuper relaxing?
attempting to take a hot bath...only to, all of a sudden have a 90 pound dog chasing a hissing cat through the bathroom...though the closet...through the bedroom...through the bathroom...through the closet...through the bedroom.
and then you realize that no matter how loud you scream for someone to come and get them outta there...it won't do any good because the game is turned up so loud in the living room that i could be abducted by aliens and no one would know it until it was time to put the kids to bed and chad came to figure out why i wasn't on that.
so...you sink down into the hot water and close your eyes and do your best to pretend that the 3 ring circus isn't actually happening...only to, all of a sudden be startled into reality when the 90 pound dog decides to climb on up and begin slurping up your sudsy bath water...slobbering and sloshing and shedding all the while.
that...my friends...is what you call relaxing.
this weekend, i finally made good on my promise to help chase make frog and toad out of clay.
this was not an easy task...seeing as i barely made a B in my college pottery class.  the professor clearly didn't appreciate my creative interpretation of what a bowl was.

we got one of them completely formed...and we are waiting for it to dry so that we can paint it.  i can't tell a lie.  it looks amazing.  however...my painting skills are worrying me a tad.  it's likely to look like a big, green blob after the painting stage.
maybe you didn't realize how creative chase is.  the boy can create very realistic characters out of anything...and doesn't even need to look at a picture.  he created george washington and abraham lincoln out of random legos.  it was pretty amazing if you ask me.
i couldn't do it.

flicka has confiscated her sister's american girl doll.  she is now asking for her own for her birthday.  the dilemma is...
do we get her one like her sisters...because that is what she is expecting,
or do we get her one with blonde hair...like hers...and hope she loves it?

i just don't know.
it's a toss up, at best.

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