Wednesday, April 03, 2013

tearing up over moments

there have been more teary moments lately than usual.  i'm not sure of the problem.  or even if there is one.  sometimes...letting loose of emotion is a good thing.

tearing up over these moments:

my mom always sets out a bunny village for the easter season.  and i loooooved this thing.  and they do too.

mom gave the girls bunny aprons to help with some easter treats.

so....maybe i still love playing with this thing.

there are bunny tails on these aprons, for cryin out loud!  who wouldn't be happy looking at those things?

as luck would have it...colt pulled that pesky molar out the day before easter.  so...obviously, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy met up that night.

they partied.

beautiful people.  beautiful moments.

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