Sunday, June 16, 2013

cooking parties & wishbone dreams

i just uploaded all of the pictures from aiden's cooking birthday party.  i can't sit on pictures too long...or i feel like they will get lost in the shuffle of life.  it's my blogging format.  upload latest pictures.  blog about them.  memories in the vault.

while waiting for them to upload, i got sidetracked in itunes...downloading songs like auld lang syne and ben lee's whatever it is.  that's a lot of uploading and downloading goin' on over here.  my computer must be tired.


aiden's birthday landed on mother's day this year.  it was fun to share the day with her.  we didn't let her go un-celebrated...because let's just face it...celebrating is something i do best. was a tough day.  it was a couple of days before we went in for our ultrasound that would reveal the fate of our baby.  we had waited a long,  tough week...and i think my heart knew the outcome...even if my mind was playing tricks on me...telling me that everything would be ok.  i was mind never leaving the baby in my belly.  and that entire week...i could have done without.  even if it did contain mother's day and my baby girl's eighth birthday.

as a result...her birthday party had to be put on hold.  it was postponed until this passed friday night.  she wanted a "cooking/sleepover."  i tried to appease her with the cooking part...and knew better of my patience and emotional status to okay the slumber party.  i just didn't have it in me.  for a second...i felt guilty.  she had gone through losing a sibling.  she had wrapped up her second grade year.  she had been forced to celebrate her birthday on a day where her mommy's heart just wasn't in it.  she had been missing her friends.  however...i knew what i could handle.  and for one of the first times that i can remember...i paid more attention to that than i did what her heart wanted.  and that was okay.  and it's a good thing.  because by the end of those 2 hours...i was done.  it turned out to be a really cute party.  but let me just tell you...

8 year old girls are crazy.

simple as that.

and they have no business having the entire night to be in cahoots with each other...wreaking havoc on the house...her brother...her mother...and anything else in their path.

lesson learned.

no slumber parties until they are old enough to sneak out and then be appropriately locked out and scared shitless for doing so.  (yeah.  i just cussed.  but that's how serious i am.)  because at that age...they aren't screaming and squealing this high pitched, ear piercing dolphin screech that makes one want to gouge their eyeballs out with a fork.  no.  they are quiet.  because they are trying to be sneaky.  but...i'm onto them already.

aiden's 8th birthday party.

cooking theme.

in pictures:


she chose to make cinnamon cream cheese squares.

while they were in the over...we had a taste test game.  seriously.  fun.

chase helped pass out the stuff they "liked" for a snack.

she made a wish...

i just called aiden over here and showed her the picture of her making her wish.  i asked her...

"what were you wishing for?"

she whispered her wish in my ear.

then i sat her on my lap...and told her a story.

a song by delirious came on. (i always blog to music.)  it's called what a friend i've found.

and to that song...i began:
you wann know something?  when colton was little, and chase was just a toddler...we were at thanksgiving dinner over at granna and grandaddy's house. you know what a wishbone is?

she replied, "yes."

well...granna and i broke the wishbone from the turkey in the kitchen.  i won.

i had wished to have a baby girl.

but do you know the magical part??

granna wished the same thing. matter who won...

she smiled and guessed,

"it would come true."

i smiled.


and then...

i got pregnant with you.

you were our wish come true.

i hugged her tight and she hopped down from my lap...

hopefully having a little more insight to how much she was wanted.


happy birthday aiden annee-grace.

you are a wishbone dream come true.

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