Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Especially For Sue

"The Texas Sky"
This post is especially for Sue Sue! She always takes notice of the beautiful cobalt blue Texas sky when she comes for a visit. This is a picture from today...78 degrees...but 1 lonely cloud...and a nice warm breeze. If I listen carefully, I can hear Colton's class on the playground while Aiden is walking around me on our front walk with her bare little feet and sundress on. I believe she is wondering why I have the camera focused on the sky and not on her! Well, in honor of Sue...and the cattle drive coming into town this afternoon to signify the official beginning of the Rodeo...Best Wishes from Texas...and may your insides feel just as warm.


Tayler and Sue said...

Thank you Mindy! And what will be going on during Rodeo Days? I hope the weather stays this warm and nice for you all weekend.
Sue and Tayler

Shannon said...

Stuart is in Dallas as we speak enjoying the cobalt Texas sky!

janice said...

hI Mindy----It's so good to read what's going on with the Clarkson's intexas. Chase say's the cutest things. Really anxious to see the kids again----but your "updates" and the pictures will have to do for now. Love You All Very Much Janice